Why can't my caterer be more flexible? 6 FAQs about catering policies, answered!

Singapore, Singapore

Why can't I cancel my catering order 1 day before without any cancellation fees? Why can't my caterer cook 1 vegetarian bento for my colleague? Why can't my caterer decrease my catering order? If these questions sound familiar to you, you're in the right place!

At Catersmith, we partner with over 15 of Singapore's top caterers to provide high quality food to our corporate customers. While serving our customers, many of these flexibility requests are often made thanks to Murphy's law - A boss falls sick the day before the event and the catering order needs to be cancelled. Or the RSVP numbers suddenly shoot up to an unexpected number and additional food is required. Change really is the constant in the world of corporate event planning.

Our team has put together 6 frequently asked questions on caterer flexibility, why they can't be done, and what the best alternative might be!

Essential differences between a caterer and a restaurant

To understand why a caterer can't always exercise flexibility, we must first understand the essential differences between the business model of a caterer and a restaurant.

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