Banana chips are dry (like potato chips), comprise about 4% water (table), and come in varieties of flavours such as salted, spiced, sugar-coated or jaggery coated. In some cases, banana flavouring is added as well. If ripe dessert bananas are used, they come out soggy. They are utilized for desserts, not for producing dry chips. Some varieties of banana chips can be produced using only food dehydration.

Due to customers’ rising love for Banana chips and desire for nutritious snacks, the demand for banana chips has dramatically increased over the last few years. Industry innovation is being driven by the move towards tastier snack options as businesses work to develop new flavours, textures, and products to satisfy customers’ needs. Banana chips are also becoming a more common item in local stores due to expanding consumer demand for these snacks. Focusing on natural ingredients, using environmentally friendly production techniques, and experimenting with unusual flavour combinations are some of the current trends in the production of banana chips. Additionally, businesses are looking for ways to package their goods more effectively in order to cut waste and lengthen shelf life.

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