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Hey! It’s Me! It’s Lilly Everlea

In the captivating mystery novel "Hey! It's Me! It's Lilly Everlea," readers are transported into the world of intrigue and crime. When the priceless ruby ring belonging to Mrs. Lemming goes missing, the resourceful and determined Lilly Everlea, accompanied by her trusted gardener, Terrance, takes it upon themselves to unravel the truth.

As they delve deeper into the investigation, Lilly and Terrance stumble upon a cryptic note discreetly pushed underneath Professor Everlea's office door. With curiosity piqued, they decide to share the mysterious message with Professor Everlea, whose brilliant mind is always ready for a challenge.

Unexpectedly, Professor Everlea skillfully deciphers the hidden clues within the note, revealing the identities of the culprits to the unsuspecting Sergeant Smiffy. The revelation sends shockwaves through the community, leaving everyone astounded—everyone, that is, except for Lilly and Terrance, whose sharp intuition and keen observation skills have led them to the truth.

In "Hey! It's Me! It's Lilly Everlea," readers will embark on a thrilling journey alongside our intrepid young protagonist and her faithful companion as they navigate the twists and turns of a compelling mystery. Prepare to be enthralled by the unraveling of secrets, the uncovering of motives, and the triumph of justice as Lilly and Terrance use their wit and tenacity to solve the case, proving that the smallest detectives can have the biggest impact.
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