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Unfulfilled wants sometimes boils down to you never even voicing it out. Because of that, your still has the lingering 'what if' thought and it will begin to eat away at your mental health. best way to get rid of those thoughts is to simply voice out your wants so that you may not have any regrets of not speaking about them. May it be a request from a family member, a need for change in a relationship, or something simple as a desire to do something different with your life.

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We're all familiar with Sigmund Freud but just in in case, he's the one who developed the psychoanalytic theory and his theory. He states that our mind is split into three distinct parts, the conscious, the preconscious, and the unconscious, which are the grounds for which a lot of activity brought on by the psychic apparatus, the id that's located in the unconscious, the ego that's in the conscious, and superego that's in the preconscious. Your subconscious is the combination of our unconscious and preconscious mind and everyday the two battle it out for a compromise.

An example of this is when you get the need to eat while you're in an important meeting. Your id wants you to eat because it's what'll satisfy you but your superego acts a moral compass and tells your id that it can wait till the meeting is over.

It's an example that can be used in different situations and at times it's not always as simple as your superego asking your id to wait for a reward. It's at times much more complicated than that and it leads to a disorganized mind, but here are some of the following 10 examples of what you can do to reorganize and take control of your subconscious.

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