How Early Learning Centre Encouraging Children to Try New Things!

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Our Transition to School program is designed to develop foundational skills, providing a fluid transition into Early Stage One of the Australian School Curriculum. It prepares every child for the structure and discipline of learning at school.

Encouraging children to try new things is an important part of their development in the Sydney Early Learning Centres. By providing a variety of toys and activities, using positive reinforcement, leading by example, encouraging independence, offering support and encouragement, and creating a safe and supportive environment, children will be more likely to take risks, explore new interests, and develop their skills and confidence.

Here are some tips every child needs:

1) Encourage exploration: Set up the environment in a way that invites children to explore, experiment, and discover new things on their own.

2) Lead by example: Show children how to try new things by setting a positive example yourself. Whether it's trying a new food, trying a new activity, or exploring a new place, your example will inspire them to be curious and adventurous.

3) Foster a growth mindset: Encourage children to see challenges as opportunities for growth, rather than setbacks. This mindset will help them approach new experiences with confidence and resilience.

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