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Aciadjustment Public Adjusters


Public adjusters are independent insurance professionals who the policyholder can hire to resolve an insurance dispute on behalf of.

Policy Review

The insurance company will provide an adjuster for free to you. It is important to note that even though an adjuster from the public sector can help with the claim process, they cannot offer you more than what you're allowed under the terms of your insurance policy.

If you're thinking about hiring an public adjuster

Review the references and credentials of any adjuster in the public sector. Get recommendations from family members and acquaintances. Be sure that the adjuster you choose has a license in the area in which your loss occurred. Also, contact the Better Business Bureau and your state insurance department to look at the accuracy of his file.

Beware of any public adjuster who tries to pressure you and always take the time to read your contract thoroughly to ensure you comprehend everything before you sign.

Be aware of the details following a major event. Your state's insurance department can set the amount that public adjusters can charge. Be cautious of public adjusters who travel from door to door after a disaster.

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