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ASD File Manager


ASD File Manager app facilitates the management, storage, and transfer of media files like videos, audio, and PDFs, making our day-to-day business easy and organized. Moreover, file explorer apps let you easily share, rename, delete, and edit files. It also offers you a plethora of functionalities such as ScanDoc, PDF Reader, Clean Master, Zip files, etc. all in one file manager app.
With the File Manager for Android smartphones, which includes these premium capabilities and more, you can efficiently organize and manage files. You can view, share, modify, delete, move, recycle, and hide PDF files with this easy-to-use program. The app's user-friendly UI is specifically made to provide you with the best possible experience.
Additionally, this app has an integrated scanner where you can crop and filter scanned documents. While sharing numerous files and folders you do not need an internet connection thanks to the Share On function. You can search for any file on your device using the file explorer feature of this File Manager app, which also supports SD card files.
This feature-rich file explorer app allows you to create new folders and create shortcuts. The ASD File Manager app's homepage shows all of the important icons, which are prioritized according to your preferences.
There are other best features of File Manager such as Video downloader, Clean Master, Zip files, ScanDoc, Apps Manager, Secret folder (Callock), multiple language support, and much more.

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