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From Classrooms to Championships: The Rise of DAH Women's Sports

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Beyond notebooks and exams, college is the prime period for students, especially female students, to excel in sports and become champions. Based in Jeddah, KSA, Dar Al-Hekma University empowers students through participation in various sports, putting the opportunity to achieve greatness in the palm of their hands.

Over the past few years, Dar Al-Hekma female students have proven that winning is in their DNA! They’ve astoundingly achieved impressive sports accomplishments across various sports, winning awards and finishing in top place on several occasions. Their latest groundbreaking success was clinching 1st place in the Saudi Universities Basketball Tournament.

Put your foam fingers on as we delve into 5 sports events where DAH excelled beyond expectations.

Building Champions On Campus
Before we get into the remarkable achievements of DAH students, it’s important to notice the importance of these activities and Dar Al-Hekma’s role in cultivating them.

You might think sports are about fit bodies and the adrenaline rush, but what if you were told it’s about much more than that? Sports teach us to become disciplined, be an effective part of the team, manage time to serve us best, and hone our skills to become future leaders.

Recognizing this, Dar Al-Hekma University provides its female students with everything necessary to excel in athletics. From top-notch facilities and equipment to qualified coaches and diverse sporting opportunities, DAH empowers its women to develop their athletic potential while thriving academically.

Asian Universities Cup - Powerlifting Competition 2023
Powerlifting is a sport built for the strong! Many people assume it’s exclusive to men, but women have established themselves as competent powerlifters who definitely can put on a show.

Saudi women and Dar Al-Hekma female students participated in the first Asian Universities Cup back in 2023. While pursuing her interior design program at DAH, Nada Abdelhady made an impressive win clinching 1st place and becoming the competition's first gold medalist. This wasn’t Nada’s first big success. Previously that year, she had proven herself the best in the Kingdom at powerlifting, winning 1st place at the Kingdom Open Powerlifting Competition. It was a great year for Nada and a much greater year for Saudi female powerlifters.

Saudi Games - Basketball Tournament 2023
The talent among Dar Al-Hekma students is a well of sports potential that never runs dry. Aside from lifting weights, basketball is a major theme down the halls of DAH. Three Dar Al-Hekma students did a remarkable job during the Second Saudi Games, a competition considered the biggest national sporting event each year.

Nora Alkhayal, Nora Alnowaiser, and Basmah Almarzogi were the three fierce players who joined the Jeddah United Basketball Team and left everything on the court, leading the team to 1st place finish and winning the basketball competition of 2023.

In the year that followed, the Dar Al-Hekma Basketball team put on another show of basketball excellence winning first place in the universities’ basketball championship at the national level, after winning the finals that brought it together with King Abdulaziz University.

KSA Universities - Swimming Competition 2019
Making a splash in the world of university athletics, Dar Al-Hekma students Tahani Banajah and Zainab Alsahtout proved their aquatic prowess by claiming 1st place in the first-ever swimming competition among KSA universities and colleges.

This historic win at the ninth DAH annual universities sports event not only highlights the individual talent of these athletes but also underscores the growing strength of Dar Al-Hekma's swimming program. This achievement sets a precedent for future aquatic victories and serves as an inspiration for aspiring female swimmers within the university and beyond.

Their dedication and determination in the pool pave the way for even more success stories, solidifying Dar Al-Hekma's position as a leader in nurturing women's athletic talent in the region.

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