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Hand made by Navajo jeweler, Calvin Martinez, this masterpiece cluster bracelet is set with rare gem grade natural Royston turquoise. Twenty three rare and exotic cabochons were collected over time to create it. Spectacular hues of light and deep blue and green swirl together amidst rich chocolate and golden brown matrix in an eye-dazzling display of vibrant color. The electric stones sit in hand made bezels atop a heavy shank created entirely from scratch from labor intensive hand rolled and hammered ingot sterling silver. Hand braided wire encircles each of the center stones with an unusual border of button shaped droplets surrounding the outer edges of the clusters. Fine stamping on the ends finishes the bracelet to eminent perfection.

Inner Circumference of Bracelet: 5-1/2 in. Bracelet Gap Size: 1 in. Bracelet Width From Center: 2 in. (and tapers down to: 1 in.) Center Stone Size: 3/4 in. x 1/2 in. Full Inner Circumference of Bracelet Gap Size Included: 6-1/2 in. (Can be slightly adjusted prior to shipment upon request)

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