How to Host a Virtual Recruiting Event?

A Virtual Recruiting Event is similar to the recruiting events carried on-site with the in-person interviews and other forums, except that they are organized online. A Virtual Recruiting Event broadens the perspectives for the recruiters as well as the job seekers. These events provide equal opportunities to all the aspirants too who couldn’t travel to faraway places due to government restrictions or some personal or economic reasons. These kinds of events have also proven to be quite economic for organizers too as you save on many expenditures like food, stationery items, travel expenses as well as many predictable and unpredictable ones.

The Virtual Recruiting Events are here to be an integral part of the hiring industry even though the world is trying to get back on its feet and revert to traditional in-person events. Do you know why? Because the virtual events have opened up new gateways for all the participants be it, employers or employees. With the pandemic bringing the world to a standstill, virtual events like virtual job fairs, virtual exhibitions, virtual AGM, and virtual product launches have kept the economic and social cycle on the move.

Although things have started taking a positive turn, still many people feel that the Virtual Hiring Events are more accessible, safer and equally effective as an onsite hiring events.

Prerequisites to hold a Virtual Recruiting Event

Although organizing a Virtual Job Fair may seem like quite a difficult task, it is much easier and more economical than holding one on-site. Now some of the basic points to be taken into consideration are follows:

Chalking out a blueprint of the whole event

It is of utmost importance to strategically plan out the whole event. The points that need to be inculcated while doing so would range from budget, participation of a single company or multiple companies, expected no. of aspirants, various software for the online sorting of resumes and applications, no. of booths that would be there. One should also keep in mind that it is important to make the whole procedure user friendly.

Selection of the web platform

The choice of the web platform is one of the most crucial points for hosting the virtual hiring event because the smooth flow and success of the event is all dependent on it. There are many platforms in the market to choose from like vFairs, Socio, Brazen, Talentspace, CareerEco, DREAMCAST, Paradox and many more. One should very carefully choose the one that will cater to all their needs for the event. Platforms like DREAMCAST are very strong in their tech capabilities to deliver any type, scale, size, format etc. for any online event.

The team at Dreamcast provides you with 100% customization in all the areas of the platform, their web platform is quite scalable i.e. can host an event of any size with no restriction in terms of the no. of audience and is highly flexible too because they can scale up or scale down the features on the basis of client’s requirements making them budget-friendly too. Dreamcast is quite proficient in managing an entire event including a 2D, 3D, DIY Platform, AWS Server Management, Live Streaming etc. A thorough study is a must for the choice of a suitable platform, so one should jot down all their necessities and choose the perfect one.

Craft a marketing plan

The marketing plan is one of the salient features of conducting a successful virtual event. You should explore all the marketing options available which can help you reach the targeted audience be it, aspirants or recruiters. You need to stick to the budget here and plan meticulously about the expenditure to be done on print media, social media, e-advertisement and so on. A marketing plan is a key aspect in making any event profitable, so this requires detailed attention.

Organizing some pre-event sessions

It is always beneficial to keep the participants updated and in the loop before the final event. One can always organize some interesting sessions for them well in advance and update the schedule on their event’s official website offering pre-registrations for every session. This can make you aware of the approximate headcount and help you prepare your set-up in accordance. The recruiters can hold up the discussion on the career development path, resume writing, soft skills, confidence-building pep talks, QA sessions with some senior executives and some other engaging sessions of your choice. This could prove to be very advantageous in increasing the turnout on the final day of the event.

The overall look of the Virtual Hiring Event

The organizers should diligently plan the overall presentation of the job fair. Setting up colourful booths that are easy to navigate and give a clear picture of the respective employers has become a necessity for these events. There are various options available but web platforms like DREAMCAST have mastered this art by presenting the booths in the most innovative manner without fail. Dreamcast also provides services like meeting rooms for extensive interviews; live streaming of esteemed guest speakers and much more. It is one of the integral parts of the Virtual Hiring Event. The better the representation of the booth, the easier is the navigation for the aspirants making the search more substantial for them.

After the successful culmination of the virtual hiring event, it is quintessential for the employers to follow up with your candidates, even the ones you aren’t going to hire. It is important to not keep even those people informed who have not been selected to go through the next round so that they aren’t left hanging for a response.

Concluding Remarks:

The Virtual Hiring Events are going to persist in the long run. Hosting your own event may sound like a cumbersome process but a neat strategic proposition makes the execution easier. It’s incredibly rewarding in the end as you would get to interview a diverse group of job seekers in a budgeted manner. The foremost crucial point to be considered is the choice of the web platform and DREAMCAST has time again proven to be the best in its field. The aforementioned tips at the forefront will be a great aid in creating a successful Virtual Hiring Fair.