WoW Classic: How to Level to 60 in the Fastest Time

Every World of Warcraft Classic player’s first and main goal is to reach Level 60. After reaching Level 60, the player gets access to Raids, Dungeons and other activities and content, as well as items with the best Characteristics and much more. Compared to World of Warcraft as we know it today, Leveling in WoW Classic was harder and took longer, each next step was difficult to overcome. To conquer each next Level, it was necessary to complete many long Quests and explore large territories.

How to Level to 60 in the Fastest Time

This is how the fastest leveler reached level 60 in under one day.

Tip: When you’re getting WoW Shadowlands Boosting by higher level players, you need the average group level to be close to your level. This means you have to bring along other low-level players.

Level 1-8: Tag the mobs and allow a Hunter or Warlock friend to set their pet on the mobs. It must be the pet, and not the player doing the damage. The higher level player also cannot be in your group.

8-20 (Horde) 10-20 (Alliance): Enter the Ragefire Chasm instance at level 8 if you are Horde. If you’re Alliance, enter Deadmines at level 10. Have a higher level player boost you and your group to level 20.

20-38: You can now enter the Scarlet Monastery instance for boosting by higher level players.

38-54: Go to the Maraudon instance and repeat.

54-60: Zul Gurub raid boosting.

This strategy won’t be feasible for all players since you either need a very selfless level 60 friend or tons of WoW Classic Gold to pay for a friend. You also need a continuous stream of other players around your level to join the instances with you to reduce the average level of your group.

The General Guide to Fast Leveling

If you can’t find other players to boost you, or don’t want to pay the WoW Gold for it, then you can do this.

Always log out in Inns or cities to get Rested experience.

Kill everything: If you see a mob, kill it.

Don’t bother with professions: Professions take a lot of time, so it’s better to do them after you are already max level. The only exception is First Aid. Being able to heal yourself if important. You could take Skinning to get WoW Gold form leather, but it will slow you down.

Be careful with questing – As a general rule questing isn’t efficient because the travel time required for most quests just eats into your time. It’s more efficient to grind mobs or grind dungeons.

Picking your class: Hunters and Mages are the best solo levelers. They can pull many mobs at a time and strike them down. Just be aware that if you pick a slower class like Warrior or Rogue, it will take you more time because you don’t have area of effect damage.

Do dungeons whenever you can: The XP per hour is great in dungeons.

Sell everything: If you’re leveling to 60 for the first time, or the first time on a new server, then manage your Gold carefully. You will need Gold to buy flights and to buy your mount at level 40. To level fast, you need to get your mount as soon as you hit level 40. Any later is wasted time!

In order to reach Level 60 and start a real game, the player must follow a variety of factors and build the right strategy in such a way that the priorities set out help avoiding mistakes and time costs, instead of maximizing the benefits that the game provides. It is worth considering the difference between WoW Vanilla and the usual modern game. All this requires experience and preparation, so players are unlikely to be able to avoid the adaptation period and mistakes that slow down Character’s development. is a company that values the time of their clients, so we won’t waste yours with not proven players. All of our boosters are with many years of gaming experience and know every detail about the game. The WOW Boosting are real professionals and rely only on their knowledge and abilities without using programs or bots.