Know More About Eco-Friendly Toys For Your Children

Toys are essential for children. They not only keep children busy but also aids in the overall development of children. Toys help in developing various skills in children like problem solving skills, cognitive skills, creativity skills etc. There are varied types of toys available in the market made with numerous materials.

Children use toys frequently and they use it very closely. Also when they get new toys they tend to easily discard the old ones. Therefore it is always important to choose toys that are both non-toxic to children as well as eco-friendly. Joy Toy the best toy store in UAE provides an extensive collection of toys that are environmentally safe and non-toxic. Quality products blended with excellent service have made us the number one toys shop UAE.

There are certain things which you have to keep in mind while buying toys for children. A few of them are given below.


The labels usually contain all the details about the toys. Hence before purchasing toys check whether the label specifies things like non-toxic, eco-friendly and so on.

Buy toys according to age

You cannot give a remote controlled toy or a toy scooter to a baby. Remote controlled toys and toy scooters are more suitable for children of the age between 5 and 12. Therefore when you purchase toys take into consideration the age of children and buy accordingly. Toys which are not suitable for the right age are useless and get piled up unnecessarily.


It is always advisable to buy toys which are made of eco-friendly materials. Sustainable material ensures the safety of the environment which in turn provides safety to all of us. Toys that contain phthalates, lead, and bisphenol A (BPA) should be avoided.

Loud Toys

Toys that are too loud not only cause noise pollution but also harm children. It is recommended not to buy such toys.

Quality products from good brands

Purchase toys from good toy shops selling products of established brands. You can expect quality products from well established brands. Such brands will manufacture products that are safe for children and environment. Unbranded toys may be manufactured after compromising various quality aspects. Reputed brands are transparent about the manufacturing process and the raw materials used. Joy Toy, the best toy store in UAE sells toys only from trusted brands.


Look for the certifications mentioned in the toys. Products which have specified certification will be absolutely safe.

Proper Research

Before you set out buy toys for kids do proper research about the various toys and the brands available in the market. There are numerous toys which are recalled for being harmful. So it is vital to be aware of it. Everyone would prefer to give the best to the children. So take out some time from your busy schedule and choose the best sustainable option for your children.

Advantages of Eco-friendly toys

• Durable – Eco friendly toys are made of high quality material therefore they will be long lasting.
• Robust – Eco friendly toys will be strong and sturdy. They will not break or get damaged easily.
• Safety – They will be made with resources which are non-toxic (like non-toxic paint) which in turn is safe for both children and the environment. Such toys will not cause any allergies to children.
• Recyclable and biodegradable – Since children outgrow toys after a period of time, toys tend to get piled up. Eco-friendly products are manufactured from natural or sustainably sourced materials which can be effectively recycled.
• Manufactured in a sustainable manner – Eco-friendly toy are manufactured in sustainable manner without releasing any harmful greenhouse gases.

All toys of Joy Toy are quality checked and safe to use. We guarantee complete satisfaction and happiness. Head to our store or go through our website to purchase excellent toys for children.