IPCC Report 2022: Three Years to Live (Happily)

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

- Dr. Jane Goodall

Climate is changing and that’s old news but did you know that we have only a few years to stop the environmental condition from getting worse? Yes! In a nutshell, the latest Climate Change 2022 report which was prepared by a group of 1000+ scientists and the approval of 195 nations stated that if we don’t peak our greenhouse emissions in 3 years, the climate fuelled destruction will cross the danger line of 1.5 degrees. So yeah, all the global warming charities across Canada or other countries were not worried about anything. It is a cause of grave importance that if delayed could make us suffer.

The report further states a few other impacts, risks, and immediate solutions that could help us achieve the goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, but again is it that easy? Well, a global warming charity in Canada states that to motivate all-out effort from the society, the governments have to take a compulsive approach, even after that, few of the developing nations may still not be able to contribute towards the cause.

At this point, we are left with only one option i.e., to do what we can and not expect others to even contribute. It’s our planet and we plan to see the bright future ahead. Multiple global warming charities in Canada agreed with the solutions. They stated, “these solutions may exclude a few elements, they still are the ones that are most practical and easy to follow, so let's do our best to not go against them.”.

A brief outline of the solutions is as follows:

  • All-out approach: Covid 19, the best example of how worse the situation could be if we don’t start taking steps today, therefore society should strictly follow the guidelines to reduce the Greenhouse Emissions in all sectors.

  • Massive Energy Source Migration: Countries should perform a mass migration toward environmentally friendly energy sources at the earliest.

  • Supporting Developing Countries: The developed nations though currently are helping the developing ones to grow and control their greenhouse emissions by advancing, is not enough, they will have to provide more assistance to developing nations if they want even a chance of reaching the peak in 3 three years and then reducing emissions slowly to zero till 2050.

  • CDR Set-ups: Carbon Dioxide Removal methods are also a great way to counter the GHG emissions and allow for a bit more window for improvement and migration.

  • Adopting Available Resources: There are already a variety of environmentally friendly resources that have been innovated. If they were to be adopted as the replacement for traditional techniques, they could prove to be significantly beneficial towards our goal.


Therefore, try to devote yourself to the above-mentioned solutions and spread the word for global warming charities in Canada which are working their best to educate, alert, and motivate people to be a part of the charade towards a safe and long-lasting future, by doing this you could make their efforts more meaningful and fruitful.