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In the switch MAC address table, which of the following entries will not age?
A. Dynamic MAC address table entry
B. Static MAC address table entry
C. Port MAC address table entry
D. Device MAC address table entry
Answer: B

In the WLAN architecture, the FIT AP cannot work independently and needs to be managed by the AC. Which of the following protocols are used to communicate between FIT AP and AC?
A. IPsec
Answer: C

Which extension headers are supported by IPv6 packets? (Multiple choice)
A. Destination option extension header
B. Fragmentation extension header
C. Hop-by-hop option extension header
D. VLAN extension header
Answer: ABC

Which of the following functions does the LCP protocol in the PPP protocol support?
A. Negotiate network layer address
B. Negotiate authentication agreement
C. Detect link loops
D. Negotiate the maximum receiving unit MRU
Answer: CD

What is the first operation performed by the FIT AP after obtaining the AC's IP address?
A. Upgrade software version
B. Download the configuration file
C. Establish CAPWAP tunnel
D. Request configuration file
Answer: C

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