Brilliant Tips for Writing your social media Essay

Social media is greatly impacting how people interact in the modern age. It has captured millions of users from all over the world and thus, has become popular means of communication and information sharing.

Similarly, it has become a part of life for not only the younger generations but for all the people with computers and mobiles. Consequently, it has become important to research this subject thoroughly. A social media essay can identify both the positive and negative effects by making strong arguments and call to action.

This complete guide will focus on some popular online platforms along with the list of social media topics to inspire and motivate you.

Some students often get confused about their controversial nature. They may see its benefits while others may state it as a negative influence on modern youth. To avoid such a situation, they often end up contacting an essay writer to complete this task.



Social Media Essay Types

While writing a social media essay, the first thing you want to do is to pick a perfect topic. For this, you need to consider the type of essay you want to write. It would narrow down the topics and help you in choosing effectively. Moreover, it will also determine your writing style.

Below-mentioned is the types of social media essays:

  1.       Social media Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay has a strong argument which makes it similar to debate writing. Here a writer picks one stance and support with evidence and examples from authentic sources. If you choose to write an argumentative essay, here are some examples of topics for you or you can also get help from online essay writer.

  • Is social media causing more harm than good essay
  • Social media: a social problem or a social solution essay
  • Is social media good or bad essay
  1.       Persuasive Essay About social media

It is defined by persuasion where the goal is to persuade the reader about the main idea. However, the points need to be logical and worthy and require critical thinking. Some of the examples are:

  • The negative effects of social media 
  • Impact of social media 
  • The negative impacts of social media on society 
  • The positive consequences of social media 
  • Positive and negative influences of social media 
  • Cause and effect of social media 
  • Pros and cons of social media 
  1.       Satire Essay on Social Media

A satirical style of essay writing is defined by using sarcasm to make fun of or criticize a particular subject. Writers often use elements like irony and hyperbole to make it sound more impressive. Similarly, it also requires creativity and a good sense of humor. Examples are:

  • Social media addiction essay
  • Social media isolation essay

How to Write A Social Media Essay?

Proper structure is an essential element when writing any type of essay. You can follow the outline given below to write a perfect essay.


The introduction should be interesting enough to hook the audience. It will motivate them to read your entire essay. Furthermore, it should also include catchy words and relevant keywords.

Body Paragraphs

Break your ideas into 3 to 4 paragraphs. Keep in mind the type of essay you are working on as it would determine your writing style. For example, a persuasive essay must show facts and figures. Make sure that the body paragraphs are in continuity.


This section is very important as a writer needs to be creative here. It will summarize all the details by restating the thesis statement and include a relevant call to action.

Follow this complete guide to writing a good social media essay. Students who find it hard to write perfect essays wish to get free essays written for their academics. Thus, they prefer to take professional essay writer free assistance.