42 Great Topic Ideas for Essays on History


If you have been assigned to write my essay an essay on a historical topic of your choosing, you are in for a great treat. Not is there are a plethora of essay writing service for you to get an idea from, but also thousands of topics to choose from.


Why wouldn’t there be, history is known and there is plenty of it!


An essay on a historical event or a personality explains the significance of an event or a person in context to history. It also delves into its cause and effects. Mostly it’s an expository essay that involves thorough research into the subject.


You can either choose a period or a geographical location to get your topics from. 


Before preparing to write upon a topic, it is advisable for you to glance browse various topics that might be of interest to you. Here, I am not asking you to choose the topic but get an idea about what would you want to write about. You should begin listing the subjects that you might be comfortable writing about or subjects that you want to challenge yourself on. The list can be later used to shortlist and choose your essay topic.  


Lastly, it is important to do brainstorming and other prewriting techniques. It will help you structure your essay and help you with the organization of a large number of facts and figures. If you have been assigned to write my essay an essay on a historical topic of your choosing.


Here are topics on History that you can gloss over 


Related to the US History

1.     The devastation and the after-effects of WW II

2.     The holocaust and the 

3.     1920: Women got the right to vote

4.     1995: atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and how it changed global politics

5.     The significant events that led the way to1964 Civil Rights Act 

6.     What if America failed to put a man on the moon

7.     1989: The fall of the Berlin Wall

8.     The Great Depression of 1930

9.     The role of the Taliban in the breaking up of the Soviet Union

10.  What led to the Vietnam War

11.  1927: Transatlantic flight and what it meant for the world of aviation

12.  The 1950s: What were the impacts of Sputnik satellites upon global politics

13.  The Korean War 

14.  1991: The Persian Gulf War

15.  The America-Britain War of 1812 early 

16.  The 1970s:  Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal

17.  How 20th century saw a rise in American Art

18.  The rise of terrorism after the American invasion over Iraq

19.  The 1960s hippie culture’s association with the current affairs of the time.

20.  History of Rap Music

Related to World History

1.     The Mexican-American War: The war and its implications.

2.     The impact of Crusade Wars on trade. 

3.     Colonization in South America, for more useful help visit essay writer.

4.     Reformation of the Roman Catholic Church and the formation of Catholic and Protestants

5.     Comparison between the life and impact of Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammad

6.     The fall of the Berlin War and the downfall of Communism 

7.     The significance of Gutenberg’s invention of the Printing Press

8.     The flourishing period of Pax Romana, and how it was possible?

9.     A critique of the Weimar Republic, its formation, and failure.

10.  The significance of the Battle of Hastings.

11.  The period of Renaissance Humanism, and the major developments.

12.   The process of abolition of slavery around the world

13.  Karl Marx’s impact on global politics

14.  The partition of India 

15.  The evolution of Math--the universal language

16.  Comparison between The Venitian and The Ottoman Miniaturist art form 

17.  What caused the fall of the Roman Empire? 

18.  The effects of the Nigerian military coup

19.  Comparing the Bolshevik Revolution to the American Revolution

20.  The anomaly: The Carnation Revolution 1974

21.  The ugly and the only side of British colonization of Africa

22.  The Major pandemics that have struck mankind.