Plastic Syrup Spoon Manufacturers


Space Age Industries is the best Plastic Syrup Spoon Manufacturers in Indonesia. Plastic spoons with long handles and spoon-shaped tips are used to serve honey, syrup, and other liquids. This red and white plastic spoon with a long handle is perfect for serving honey, syrup, or any other beverage. The spoon-shaped part of the tool is constructed of plastic. It reaches all the way to the bottom of a bottle or jar. This instrument is durable, portable, and adaptable. It's a plastic spoon designed to look like an antique metal spoon. The spoon is composed of plastic with a curved handle that looks like an old metal spoon. The handle is also rough, giving it the appearance of a metal spoon. The spoon features a little hole in the handle that makes it easier to hold. The spoon is dishwasher safe and may be used for a variety of dishes. This plastic syrup spoon is ideal for coffee drinkers also. The spoon is made of durable plastic that will endure a long time. The spoon is made to hold only enough syrup for one serving, preventing spills and drips in the kitchen. The spoon is available in a number of colors to match any kitchen decor. Space Age Industries is the best Plastic Syrup Spoon Suppliers in Indonesia.