Rubber Teat Dropper Manufacturers


Space Age Industries is the best Rubber Teat Dropper Manufacturers in Indonesia. This is a great present for new moms. With this Rubber Teat Dropper, you can feed your baby without having to hold the bottle up to their face. Your baby will find it easier to swallow formula, milk, and other liquids with the dropper. The design is simple, but it works well. The rubber teat is made of a material that is soft but strong and won't hurt your baby's mouth. With this Rubber Teat Dropper, it's easy to put a few drops of water on a nursing cow's teat. It is made of strong plastic that can stand up to a calf's hard sucking and is easy to clean and keep clean. This Rubber Teat Dropper is something that every dairy farmer should have on hand. Have you ever tried to use baby food to close an ice cream jar? The teat dropper is composed of rubber. It's made of natural rubber and makes feeding your baby easy. Half-fill the dropper with baby formula, put the teat in the baby's mouth, and squeeze. It is an easy assignment to do. The Rubber Teat Dropper can be used with foods like apple sauce, carrots, and peas. It's small enough to fit in a diaper bag and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Space Age Industries is the best Rubber Teat Dropper Suppliers in Indonesia.