erlonat 100 mg

Erlonat is a prescription medicine that contains a salt composition of 150mg Erlotinib. This tablet is utilized for treating mainly two types of cancers viz., non-small lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. These types of cancers affect people doesn’t matter if they are smokers or non-smokers. This medicine is capable of showing its effects alone and even in combination with other medicines for cancer treatment. You need to keep yourself hydrated while taking this medicine and avoid consuming alcohol. This medicine is very strong and you need to discuss the risks beforehand with your doctor. Enquire about the erlotinib 150 mg price in india from Magicine Pharma and claim 5% off now!    


Irobenz is a medication available in the strength of 40mg/2ml with the generic name Irinotecan and comes in the form of an injection. This medication is utilized for treating colon or rectal cancer. This medicine belongs to the group of cancer-fighting medications referred to as antineoplastic. This medication showcases its work by repressing the activity of topoisomerase I which is related to our DNA. It helps in slowing down the growth of cancerous cells in your body. This medication might reduce blood cells that are capable of fighting with the infections. Get the irinotecan Injection price from Magicine Pharma to avail 10% discount today!