An Intro to Illustration in Los Angeles from the Seventies Onwards


Whether you are a writer or architect, illustrations are always needed. Whether the cover for a magazine or book, these imaginative graphic drawings with a lot of precision attract readers. To be a good illustrator, you need hours and hours of practice drawing different parts of the anatomy, structures, landscapes, products, and more. Los Angeles has hundreds of artists, but not all are illustrators. There are graphic designers, painters, sculptors, and more, enjoying the perfect weather around the year in this hustling-bustling city. To pinpoint the best illustration services in Los Angeles, you need to filter out the others first. With multiple top schools in the area, many young artists are looking for work. Some of the most established artists have been creating portraits since the late Seventies for newspapers and magazines. For a good example of this genre, check out the New Yorker or Sports Illustrated from the same period.

 Everything you need to know about the top Californian illustrators

 Despite being employed by large corporates and print media firms, most Californian illustration artists like working on freelance projects. The best illustration artists in Los Angeles have always been encouraged to exhibit their work in one of LA’s many venues. Illustrators offering their services are prolific, and they have covered almost all the subjects through their freelancing. What’s so likable about them is their modesty and humbleness. People are looking for the best illustration services in Los Angeles to create imagery for new campaigns and projects that a camera and specialized software cannot create. Work created by hand is highly appreciated in California.


 The trends in illustration have changed over the years and people are influeneced by some of the masters of painting when considering their commercial art requirements. Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Paul Delvaux, and other geniuses were part of the very productive Surreal art movement of the late nineteenth century. Their style of painting and illustration is studied throughout the country. Some of the best illustration artists from Los Angeles were considered talented and imaginative, yet affordable. A few of the top illustration icons were greatly influenced by the works of Aubrey Beardsley and artists following some of the new styles like Art Deco and Bauhaus. 


The advent of mixed media has created a new way to showcase products and services using the imagination of the best illustration artists from LA. In recent years, advertising has become far more complex because of the various channels involved, like radio, TV, cinema, the internet, ATMs, smartphones, and more. Each campaign will have unique creatives for the various relevant mediums. In today’s world, corporates are looking for the best illustration services in Los Angeles that have expertise in multiple formats.


Some of the best examples of the illustrative style of Americans in the past few decades can be viewed on back issues of Rolling Stone magazine. From music to movies and politics, the magazine has always used illustrations to hit the nail on the head.