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Press RESET to stop equipment functions. Press as well as hold RESET up until display shows settings. Thickness is the initial setup shown; press RESET once more (without holding), and also temperature will certainly be next. If you scroll past the temperature setup, struck RESET until it comes back about. Press STANDBY to boost temperature level (warmer).

Press as well as hold RESET till display screen reveals setups. Thickness is the initial setup shown; press RESET once more twice (without holding) to reach the date/time setting.

Press P to decrease highlighted number. Press and hold ARROW for 3 seconds to conserve changes. Press and hold ARROW for 3 secs to conserve adjustments. Press RESET to return to normal device procedure. Press adhere return to freezing operation. Press RESET to return to regular maker operation. Press FREEZE to go back to freezing procedure.

Call Spaceman Technical Support to readjust sophisticated settings. 20 22 Troubleshooting Problem: Hopper isn't cool adequate Probable Cause 1. Cozy item was recently included 2. Receptacle temperature level setting is too expensive 3. Temperature level offsets need adjustment Treatment 1. Permit at the very least 1 hour after adding new mix for receptacle temperature levels to support 2.

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Receptacle temperature level setting is also reduced Solution 1. Adjust receptacle temperature warmer (Web page 20) Trouble: Product is too soft Probable Cause 1. Maker isn t cleaned/lubricated adequately 2.

Improper mixing of item 4. Equipment doesn t have adequate air flow 5. Viscosity change is established incorrectly Solution 1. Tidy as well as effectively lube maker everyday 2. Guarantee hopper is at the very least fifty percent full 3. Follow supplier directions for blending item; ensure correct mix ratios 4. Ensure a minimum of 6-in. clearance on all sides 5.

Poor mix in hopper 2. Improper blending of product 3. Air tube isn t mounted correctly 4. Viscosity adjustment is set incorrectly 5. Product is being attracted also quickly Fix 1. Guarantee receptacle goes to the very least fifty percent complete 2. Comply with producer guidelines for mixing item; ensure right mix proportions 3. FSXmarket

Make sure air tube isn t obstructed, allow machine 2 to 3 seconds in between portions Trouble: QUIT 2 Motor Overload Probable Cause 1 (spaceman usa broomfield co). Inadequate mix in receptacle 3. Incorrect blending of product 4.

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Comply with manufacturer guidelines for blending product; make certain proper mix proportions 4. Make sure air tube isn t obstructed, allow maker 2 to 3 seconds in between portions to recuperate 21 - 23 Troubleshooting Trouble: QUIT 4 Temperature Probable Cause 1.

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Change temperature level probe Issue: STOP 6 Motor Amp Probable Reason 1. Malfunctioning power board Treatment 1. Change power board Problem: Maker is making sound Probable Cause 1. Inappropriate assembly 2. Wearable components need substitute 3. Internal cleaning/maintenance required 4. Damaged internal parts Remedy 1. Stop machine use, drain item with equipment powered OFF; clean and also evaluate parts.

Replace wearable components (including scrape blades) a minimum of when every 3 months 3. Call Spaceman USA Technical Assistance 4. Evaluate components thoroughly for damages, ensure correct assembly; replace as required Issue: Product leaks exceedingly into internal drip tray Probable Reason 1. Improper or poor lubrication of drive shaft gasket 2.

Usage sufficient food-grade lubricant, and include sufficient lubricant inside drive shaft gasket during setting up (Web page 13) 2. Replace drive shaft gaskets every 1 3 months Trouble: Product leaks excessively from giving door spout Probable Reason 1. Incorrect or insufficient lubrication of draw shutoff and also attract shutoff O-rings 2. Fractured, damaged, or used draw valve O-rings Treatment 1.

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Change O-rings every 1-3 months Trouble: Equipment Close Down Immediately Probable Cause 1. Cyndrical tubes are experiencing freeze-up (generally as a result of thickness being established expensive for selected product) Remedy 1. Reset maker (Page 18), and lower thickness as required (Web page 19) 22 24 Equipment Specs 23 - 25 Parts Dia- Specifications External Parts Thing Part # Description Receptacle Cover Agitator Blade Low Mix Sensing Unit Panel - Left - U Panel - Front - U Power Switch Switch Cover Dispensing Door Product Component # Summary Drip Tray Panel - Left - L Panel - Front - M Drip Tray Mount Bolt Cover Panel - Front - L Panel - Right - L Panel - Right - U Thing Component # Summary Internal Drip Tray Panel - Rear - L Panel - Back - U O-Ring - Air Tube Air Tube O-Ring - Cap Air Tube Cap 24 26 Specs Running Components Dispensing Door as well as Beater a 11b Product Component # Description Attract Shutoff - Mid Draw Valve - Side O-Ring - Valve H-Ring - Valve Retention Pin Dispending Handle Adjustment Screw O-Ring - Screw Take Care Of Seat Thing Component # Description Celebrity Cap 11a Hand Screw - Short 11b Hand Screw - Long Nut - Retention Pin Giving Door O-Ring - Prime Prime Plug Door Gasket Beater Pole Item Component # Description Beater Shoe - R Scraper Blade Scrape Blade Clip Drive Shaft Gasket Drive Shaft Beater Beater Shoe - L Beater Guide 1 Product Component # Description Switch - Attract Switch Mount C-Clip - # Draw Change Bar Springtime - Attract Springtime - Return - L Draw Arm - L Spring - Return - R Draw Arm - R Retention Pin - F Retention Pin - R 25 27 Specifications Operating Parts Hopper Agitator Product Part # Summary Agitator Blade HA Real Estate Cap HA Main Magnet HA Shaft Magnet C-Clip Drive Shaft HA Bearing - Reduced HA Real Estate Pulley - HA HA Bearing - Upper 26 28 Specs Interior Components Item Part # Description Receptacle Setting Up Bushing Belt - HA - 600mm Belt - HA - 265mm Pulley-block - HA - 34mm Mount - HA Motor Motor - Agitator Pulley - 182x Equipment Box Drive Combining Nut - RS Birthing Rear Covering Bearing Item Part # Description Transmission Mount Cylinder Setting Up Follower Motor - Aux Begin Part Condenser - Aux Receiver - 76x Chassis Compressor - Aux Caster - Swivel Compressor - Main Solenoid Body Solenoid Coil Product Component # Description Capacitor - Follower Condenser - Key Fan Motor - Main Fan Cover Electric Motor - 900W Wheel - 71x Bushing Belt - XPA Capacitor - Running Capacitor - Begin 27 29 Specifications Air Pump Components Product Part # Summary Nylon Ring - Shaft Nut - Pump Seat Nylon - Pump Seat Drive Shaft - Pump Bearing - Front Birthing Gasket Bearing - Back Air Pump Seat Lock Pin Drive Shaft Key Item Component # Description Thing Component # Description O-Ring Air Pump Covering Driving Gear 12a Air Tube - Right 12b Air Tube - Left O-Ring - Tube Driven Equipment Air Pump Gasket Air Pump Cover Lock Nut Examine Shutoff O-Ring - Shutoff Connector - Hopper O-Ring - Adapter O-Ring - Connector Connector Pump O-Ring - Adapter Hand Screws Plug Spring O-Ring - Suction Suction Tube AP Setting Up Thing Part # Summary Item Part # Summary Belt - XPA Pulley - 182x Micro Clutch Bushing Bushing Bushing Bushing - Clutch Sheave - 63x Pulley Equipment Box - Long Belt - 5M Drive Coupling Sheave M Equipment Box Mount Bushing - Clutch 28 30 Specs Electrical Wiring, Left Thing Part # Description Product Component # Item Component # Description Wiring Diagram - SM-6250H Left Summary Attract Switch Over Summary S4 Component # Computer Power Board Low Mix Sensing Unit Thing M Agitator Electric Motor S5 M Motor - 900W Computer Control Board JR Thermal Relay M Compressor - Key Fuse - 0.

5A Kilometres Contactor S1/ Pressure Change F Transformer S Solenoid Coil M Fan Electric Motor - Key T Thermostat D M Compressor - Aux TH Power Switch M Fan Electric Motor - Aux 30 32.

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Machine Guidebook MODEL SM-6455H ICY BEVERAGE - COUNTERTOP - TWO FLAVOR Client Service Spaceman USA, LLC Sales and also Item Details Sunday Saturday 226 Commerce Street Monday Friday 8 AM 5 PM Mountain Collection B 8 AM 5 PM Hill Broomfield, CO 80020 Toll-Free: +1 (888) 610-5520 Toll-Free: +1 (888) 610-5520 Neighborhood: +1 (720) 328-1020 Local: +1 (720) 328-1020 sales@spacemanusa.

Welcome to your machine: Invite to your Spaceman United States Design 6455H frozen beverage equipment, crafted and also created to supply dependable operation as well as a consistent, quality item: Two-flavor counter top frozen drink device for producing margaritas, daiquiris, fruit juices, fruit slushes, and a lot more Independent automated analog control systems for operational ease and also efficiency Accepted for dairy and nondairy products Refrigeration to keep item temperature level below 40o, F (4o, C) Viscosity-control system to readjust and also keep item consistency This equipment handbook is planned to instruct individuals on installation, operation, cleansing, and regular upkeep treatments.

Please check online or contact Spaceman U.S.A. Technical Support at (720) 328-1020 for continued updates, training, as well as thorough details concerning your Spaceman maker. Look out for these symbols: CAUTION: Denotes an activity that will certainly trigger damage to the operator or maker if carried out improperly. CARE: Educates the driver of a job that might result in damage if procedure is not correctly carried out.

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Comply with guidelines to be risk-free: CAUTION: This equipment has several builtin security features to safeguard the driver while the machine is running. Be mindful and also comply with instructions very carefully when running, cleansing, and servicing the machine.

1 Phone: (720) 328-- 1020 www. 1 Promptly revitalize your expertise on basic maker operation and components. 5 Unpack device.

8 Disassemble parts. 9 Clean components ... 10 Assemble components. 11 Sanitize. 13 Manage frozen product ... 14 Add item to equipment. 14 Freeze product 15 Dispense item. 15 Usage STANDBY setting throughout breaks in machine use. 15 Reset equipment after freeze-up. 15 Readjust product uniformity 16 Fix an issue you're experiencing.

In-depth start-up guidelines Necessity be complied with to guarantee correct installation, cleaning, and operation of the machine. Setup as well as Configuration Unpack as well as check machine, Location machine in proper food Review and recognize ALL components, and also accessories.