Education Field

To some people, education is just the first step on the way to obtain a desirable profession and career. To me, these things are inseparable. Education field has always been something I wanted to pursue my career at because I found it to be one of the most important and aspiring professions in the world. I have decided to pursue graduate study in order to learn more and become the best professional I can be.

During the years of my education, I have realized that the chosen field was exactly what I always wanted to learn. That was the reason I found it necessary to pursue my degree further and expand my knowledge. I think that graduate study is something that will allow me to get more practical and theoretical skills, which are extremely helpful while working in the chosen field.

My academic interests include further research of education theories and abilities to implement them while working. I would like to learn more about effective teaching strategies and create approaches on my own so that it could be possible to combine academic skills with personal tactics. My professional interests include successful learning for a further career. I would like to combine academic learning with actual practice, which means working with people and using theoretical knowledge I have gained.


I can say that I am one of the lucky people who have chosen a profession out of personal interests and likes. Pursuing a degree and becoming a skillful and highly educated professional have always been a goal of mine. That is the reason I am determined to achieve this goal by pursuing graduate study and developing professional skills necessary in further work. I believe that with determination and the right set of priorities, it will be possible to finish my education successfully and gain the knowledge I need.

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