Things to Consider Before Buying a Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinet

While working at any lab, you need proper storage space that can help you organised the samples and other items. A stainless steel desiccator cabinet provides the most convenient storage space. These are actually small jars that can be easily bought at a reasonable rate.

Products which are sensitive can be stored in this desiccator. You can also find non-vacuum stainless steel desiccator cabinets for ingredients whose integrity you do not want to change. Usually, these are made up of a flow meter, nitrogen gas purge port, steel door, glass window, etc. 

Based on your requirement, you need to make the right choice. Even you can also get them in different dimensions and sizes based on your storage necessities.


Consider the durability of the desiccator cabinets - whether they are able to withstand maximum capacity. They are made of heavy gauge stainless steel. And, test if they can store sensitive materials. Check whether they have facilities for humidity and moisture control. You can also consider the mobility aspect of the cabinet.

Additional Facilities

Cabinets must have additional facilities such as electro polished interior for smooth operation and passivation interior. They must have an auto-upgrade facility so that you can change to an electro polished shelf based on the demand.

Gas Accessories

Take a good look at the gas accessories and whether the flow meter is working properly. Look if there is a pressure relief valve or the nitrogen purge control includes a humidity sensor. This will help you get a flawless result and avoid any fatal accidents.

Lock System

Desiccator cabinets also come with an optional lock, or you can install one later. It would be best if you also looked very closely at whether the stand option has any powder-coated steel. However, you cannot interconnect the compartments through perforations. 


Based on the storage material of use, choose re-generable silica gel cartridges in their basics. And, this ensures that all the experiments are accurate and not tempered. Stick to the budget and look if the cabinet has all the requisite features at Global Lab Supply. Do not compromise with the features, but at other same time, do not opt for a cabinet with facilities that are not required for the time being..

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