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We are glad to present the new version of Hydra Billing. So, whats new in 6.0?

New Widgets in Service Provider Console
We have added the Custom report widget at the main Reports menu and customer page, as well as a separate permission to such reports.

You can both create reports with the standard Reports Builder and quickly customize reports according to various requirements.

Now there is the Business Processes widget at the main page of the Service Provider Console.

You can access the widget not only from a customer page, as you did previously. Now, whentelco billing solutionneed to connect a new customer, you can simply click a widget at the main page and start the necessary business process.

Improvedtelecoms billing platformhas an upgraded search engine. You can search not only by Name or ID, but also by subnet that belongs to a VLAN.

Manage Service Statuses Manually
We have added an option of manually managing new charge logs issuing and service statuses.telco billing solutionwill find it useful when you need to:

manually manage the statuses of customer services (for example, when you want to exclude disabling services for organizations);

suspend providing services while still continuing to charge for them (e.g. in case of contract price plans);

temporarily suspend providing services and stop issuing new charge logs;

temporarily suspend services in case of fraud.