When Is Toyota Will Show Up Like A Rat-God To Thailand?

When is the next time Toyota will show up like a rat-god to Thailand? Will it be on April 2nd, April 3rd, or April 4th? Find out in this article!


Toyota is set to make a return to Thailand in 2020. The Japanese automaker has announced plans to bring its popular Camry and Corolla models to the Southeast Asian country, marking its first foray into the region in more than a decade. Toyota's decision to enter the Thai market comes as the Thai economy continues to grow and diversify, making it an attractive market for automakers.

Toyota's return to Thailand follows a period of growth for the company in other Southeast Asian markets, such as Vietnam and Indonesia. In Thailand, Camry and Corolla sales have been increasing steadily since Toyota began selling vehicles there in 2006. With new models on the horizon, Toyota is hoping that its return will help revive flagging sales in the country.

Though Toyota's entry into the Thai market may be welcomed by many, some are concerned about the potential consequences of increased competition. While Toyota is a well-known name in Thailand, it faces competition from local brands such as Ford and Nissan. If Toyota can successfully compete against these more established players, it may be able to improve sales overall in Thailand.

Thai Coup, What We Think Of It

Toyota is one of the most popularbrands in Thailand. Toyota always delivers quality products and has a long history of being a reliable brand. This past week, Toyota became a symbol of democracy and freedom when Thailand's military junta forced them to stop producing cars. Toyota's reaction to the Thai coup was amazing. Not only did they stop making cars, but they also donated millions of dollars to help the people of Thailand. This shows that even when things get tough, Toyota remains resilient and continues to deliver quality products.

What Happened Next

Toyota has a long history of being a reliable car manufacturer. But when it came to Thailand, the Japanese automaker had some unexpected issues. Toyota's first mistake was choosing not to partner with a local company to manufacture their cars in Thailand. This left them open to price and quality competition from the domestic automakers. The second issue was the quality of their cars. Toyota's third mistake was underestimating the demand for their vehicles in Thailand. They underestimated how popular Toyota vehicles would be in Thailand, and they didn't have enough manufacturing capacity to meet the demand. As a result, Toyota's cars were often delayed and had poor quality control. In the end, these three mistakes led to Toyota hemorrhaging money in Thailand and losing market share to their domestic competitors.

Thailand: Kingdom of Rats?

When Toyota first announced its plans to enter the Thai market, it was met with skepticism. Few people predicted that the country would be a true contender for the automaker's global dominance. But in just a few short years, Toyota has cemented itself as one of Thailand's most important companies, and it looks like it's only getting better.

Toyota's aggressive marketing strategy has paid off: In 2017, the company sold over 370,000 vehicles in Thailand, accounting for over 25% of all sales in the country. And while Toyota may not have yet overtaken Volkswagen as Thailand's top automaker, it is quickly closing the gap. In 2018, Toyota sold 361,000 vehicles in Thailandjust 1% less than Volkswagen.

What has driven this success? For one, Toyota offers an impressive lineup of models that cover a wide range of prices and needs. There are luxury sedans like the Avalon and Lexus LC 500, as well as affordable models like the Yaris and Etios. Additionally, Toyota has made sure to invest in new technologies and amenitieslike Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibilitythat make its cars more appealing to modern drivers.


The Rat is Coming

Toyota is coming to Thailand like a rat-god! The company has announced it will invest THB 350 billion in the country over the next five years, making it one of the largest investors in Thailand. This is great news for the Thai economy, and it shows that Toyota is serious about its commitment to the country.

This investment will create jobs and boost the economy, making life better for all of Thailand's citizens. Toyota's presence in Thailand will also help to consolidate the position of Thailand as a leading Southeast Asian economy. This is great news for businesses and residents in Thailand, and we can't wait to see the results.


Toyota is one of the most iconic car companies in the world, and for good reason. Whether you're driving a Toyota during your morning commute or tuning into Toyotathon on television each year, they've been a big part of our lives for decades. Unfortunately, Toyota's recent history in Thailand has not been so positive. The company has been accused of using forced labor at its manufacturing plants in Thailand, which has resulted in protests and strikes by workers. While it remains to be seen how things will play out for Toyota in Thailand, we hope that their recent indiscretions will not tarnish their reputation and that they can return to contributing positively to Thai society once again soon.