Basic Differences: Commercial Construction, Remodeling, and Renovation

When you're planning on hiring a company for commercial construction in Newzealand, it's important to take into account the distinct differences between different types of building projects and to understand what kind of project you might need to be completed before deciding who to hire. Some contractors are more specialized than others when it comes to two storey home designs. This holds especially when comparing design-build projects to shopping center remodeling and conversion into completely new premises such as cafeterias or apartment buildings.


It is important to identify exactly what you are seeking when hiring a general contracting company in Newzealand. Traditionally, there are three types of construction projects, and the differences between them that vary according to the size of each project:




A construction project should be simple in that it involves taking an empty lot and building up a car dealership. Given the definition of the term, any commercial project is the most complex to plan, manage, and complete. The steps involved in undertaking a new construction will include many steps that must be undertaken for such an effort to become a reality. However, You can undertake the below phases.


Hire the primary architect


  • Choose from the available commercial builders or industrial builders

  • Tender contracts and documents

  • Construction process and tandem certification

  • Commission and final handover


If the construction workers you are contracting are advertised as a full-service design-build team, choose contractors who can carry out all phases of the process. Otherwise, there may be delays and setbacks depending on who will handle a specific phase of your project.




A commercial remodel is a project that extends beyond simply swapping the drapes with new ones in a commercial structure. Although a general contractor might expect or deliver certain things, which is one of them, it's not mandated by definition. A commercial remodel refers to a project undertaken to permanently alter an existing structure's interior and exterior.

 A few examples of commercial remodeling-type projects include:

  • Combining multiple rooms in one space by removing a wall and another type of barrier.

  • Adding to the interior of a building, like adding inside the garden or creating the design of multiple rooms from the existing space.

  • Fully transformation of the structure and layout of commercial space.


When it comes to managing construction projects, renovations can be fun. They involve restoring older, more rundown buildings so that they look new again. This type is generally undertaken for one of two reasons:


1. To improve the look and functionality of the space in between.

2. To raise the selling value of an upcoming sale.


A building owner can benefit from a commercial renovation by investing in a historical style of an apartment building. That usually means restoring the structure to how it was originally built. This may add immediate value for any existing residents. It might help potential buyers be more inclined to purchase the property later if they can envision themselves living there.


The most trustworthy commercial contractors to hire in Newzealand are custom home builders who have experience in two storey home designs. If a contractor has completed ten office buildings and each one was done without flaws, they will not make a mistake when constructing their own. Contact us if you want to learn more about our expertise and how we can help with your construction needs. 

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