3 Main Types Of Straight Hair

Straight hair is one of the most familiar hair types, but once you get past the obvious, you will find many straight hair types. Each type has a different texture and can be styled in different ways. This blog will look at the 3 main types of straight hair:

Straight hair: Type 1A (fine)


This straight hair type is silky and shiny but thin and wispy, a true winner of the hair flip. It's very effortless to manage and style but often requires a little lift at the sources. A hairstyle we suggest for finer hair is swept to the side — for an immediately sexy look that you can blow-dry. Push sure to decide on a style with layers, giving the fantasy more depth and volume. Fine hair has a soft consistency, but it needs more awareness to remain alive and curvy. 


Straight hair: Type 1B (medium)


With a little more stability and body, medium straight hair is flexible and easy to handle. A sleek straight hair ponytail is a perfect prospect for this look, for it's thick and sufficient to provide the hair some shape but not so wide that it damages rubber bands in the method. Further, 1 B's can appreciate a little curl from moment to time since the medium quality can maintain a curl with better ease and longevity. 


 Straight hair: Type 1C (coarse)


1C straight hair is rougher and more challenging to turn in waves or curls than twisting with one or two visible "S" waves. Long layered straight hair is the way to go here. Otherwise, it might be too difficult to manage. This is the most persistent of all straight hair types, but its thickness is also harder to manage. Please take benefit of its pluck and wear it long and parted down the center, rock a lob, or encounter the magic of a true halo braid. Your functionality is endless.


Whether you're swaying naturally straight hair or using a flat iron to reach there, we hope now you are aware of the different types of straight hair.