Rimless Glasses are lightweight glasses. They are called rimless since there is no frame attached to them. The temples and the nose bridge are mounted directly to the lenses. Since there is no frame, the rimless glasses are by definition light – some are VERY light! Actually this is where you will find the words lightest glasses.

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The most beneficial features of rimless glasses are their style and adaptability. You do not have to endanger your looks or functionality with these glasses.




You may want a solid fashion glasses frame for your glasses, OR you might want something that is as neutral and invisible as possible – making YOU look like YOU!?


These eye glasses can be fitted with your prescription from your local optician, for most any power of the lenses.


Rimless glasses should use high index lenses (refraction index 1,6 instead of the normal 1,5), making the lens thinner and stronger.


If you choose the right model of rimless glasses, this is the closest you get to wearing nothing (or contact lenses J ) in front of your eyes – giving you the optimal sharp vision!


The lenses should have HMC anti-reflex coating and also a hard quartz scratch-resistant for maximum durability and visual comfort.


The nose pads can easily be adjusted to fit private demands – we are all created differently. The temples/arms of the glasses are of course delicate/thin with fine hinges or no hinges at all. You will certainly need to have a travel case included, that keeps your glasses safe and easily available.


Rimless titanium glasses are for people young at heart. The glasses are available in discrete colors of matte grey and black. The whole idea of rimless glasses is to provide maximum visual comfort with a minimum of interference as to weight of glasses and frames around your eyes.


When you put on these glasses, you may not even realize that you are wearing them.


The rounded spectacles are true vintage style glasses, round glasses although not circular glasses, panto shape is probably the words most classic models glasses. The unique feature of the true panto is that has the orbital shape. That means that it is like a natural frame around the oculus and orbita – the eye. These vintage glasseshave a slightly flatted top that naturally follows the eyebrow, meaning it fits the majority of all faces and users.


However, there are a variety of shapes available for each model of rimless frames. You will find a shape that is suitable for all face types, including yours providing you really light glasses.


Whether you search for quality reading glasses or allround rimless glasses, you will experience they vary from various other glasses stylishly and in usage. Although they are delicate in design, they tend to last long without damages. With 1,6 index thin lenses and HMC coating they are much more scratch resistant that regular CR39 organic/plastic lenses - really ultra thin glasses for sale online.


However, it is never a good idea to place lenses on a hard surface “face down”.


The best way to clean any pair of glasses, and most definitely rimless glasses, is to use water and soap, rinse off in water and dry them with a clean cloth.



It is also possible to combine most any prescription with polarized or cool mirror sunglasses, with thin lenses


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