Rectify QuickBooks error 6000 77 with these methods

QuickBooks is a robust bookkeeping software designed to perform accounting for small and medium-sized organizations. Many complex accounting tasks are simplified and quickly executed in the software. The data is stored and managed to create the accounting report, which assists the user in increasing the performance and productivity of the business. Despite being loaded with so many features and elements, QuickBooks can develop some internal errors that can adversely affect the working of this software. One such error is QuickBooks error 6000 77, which can trouble you while performing any function on the company file. If this error appeared on your QuickBooks, continue reading the blog and explore the reasons for this error and the simple solutions you can try to resolve it.

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Description of the error

The error occurs when you are unable to access your company file. Due to many uncertain issues, this is possible that the QuickBooks is unable to connect to your company file and is rendering an error message,” QuickBooks has encountered a problem.” You might face sudden QuickBooks crashes after this.


The favorable conditions for this error to occur in your QuickBooks are-

  • The file being accessed is located in an external drive or network.
  • The company file is damaged or corrupted, and QuickBooks cannot process it now.
  • The windows access permissions of your QB folder restrict QuickBooks from accessing the files.

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Solutions to fix this issue

We have compiled the most effective methods that can be used to resolve this error from your QuickBooks-

Solution 1- Utilize a UNC file name instead of a mapped drive to access the file

UNC stands for Universal Naming Convention and helps the systems connected in a network identify each other without using network drives. Follow the steps to execute the method-

  1. Right-click on the QuickBooks icon and click on Run as Administrator.
  2. Make sure no company file is automatically open in QuickBooks.
  3. Click on the File option.
  4. Click on Open or Restore company, select Open a company file, and then Next.
  5. Tap on Network from the left side menu and locate your company file.
  6. Select the company file and click Open.

Try the following solution if the error persists.

Solution 2- Create a new folder and paste your company file there

It is possible that the folder carrying your company file is damaged or under some issues. Refer to the steps-

  1. Open your C: drive and create a new folder.
  2. Go to the folder that carries your company file and look for your company file(.qbw).
  3. Right-click on the file and select Copy.
  4. Go to the new folder you created in C: and Paste the file there.
  5. Now, right-click on the folder and select Properties.
  6. Under the Security tab, click Edit.
  7. Click on QB Data Service User XX (XX represents the version), mark the checkbox alongside Full Control, and click Allow.
  8. Tap on Apply and then Ok.

Reopen QuickBooks and if you can still see the error, try the next solution.

Solution 3- Rename your Transactional file(.tlg) and Network file(.nd)

These files are required to access the company file in a multi-user network. Try renaming the files using the steps below-

  1. Go to the folder that carries your .tlgand .nd files.
  2. Right-click on the file and select Rename from the list.
  3. You have to add .old at the end of the file name as an extension.
  4. Reopen your QuickBooks.

The error will be sorted after using these solutions.


We have reached the end of our blog; this is an effort to explain the details of QuickBooks error 6000 77. The reasons for this error and the solutions were also mentioned. We hope that the error was rectified after using the methods and your QuickBooks is trouble-free.

If you want experts to handle this issue, reach them at +1-800-579-9430.

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