How NFTs are changing the Gaming sector?

The gaming market is valued at a massive $198.40 billion currently with around 3.21 billion gamers globally. But what do these gamers get by playing other than just entertainment? The gamers spend a lot of money buying the in-game assets of the games like skins, armors, guns, weapons, cars, etc. However, there is no way of re-trading these assets. If the gamer gets bored with the game all the money he invested in the game goes in vain now. This is where the role of NFTs and NFT Game marketplace comes into play. 

The role of NFTs in games

By minting the in-game assets as non-fungible tokens the users get a chance to retrade these in-game assets. As per reports, the value of in-game assets is around $74.4 billion. If all these assets can be brought back into the market for retrading it can evolve into a huge economy itself.  

How can NFTs benefit gamers?

The gamers will buy the NFTs from a Gaming NFT marketplace and play the game using these assets. The more they play this game there are chances for the in-game accessories to level up which means the value of these NFTs can go up. Thus, when the players are done with the game they can sell these accessories back to the new gamers. Thus the gamers can get a return on their investment and most chances can get a profit. 

Closing Thoughts

The introduction of NFTs into games opens a new opportunity for gamers. Anyone who spends all their time on games will also be earning from now!