The New Jersey Barrier: How It Works and What You Need to Know?

Introduction of Jersey Barrier

If you are looking for two-way traffic and emergency vehicles to pass, a Jersey barrier is an important piece of equipment that you may need on your site. However, due to more general use, there are several misconceptions about how it works. This article outlines the features of a Jersey barrier as well as how it interacts with traffic.

What Is a Jersey Barrier?

A Jersey barrier is a type of physical border used to control the flow of people or goods. It’s typically made of metal, plastic, or concrete, and is divided into several sections. The sections are designed to move together when someone tries to cross them, creating a barrier that prevents them from entering or exiting the country.

How Does a Jersey Barrier Work?

When someone tries to cross the Jersey barrier, their weight causes the sections to come together. This creates a physical barrier between them and the other side of the barrier.

How to Build a Jersey Barrier?

A Jersey barrier is a type of fencing that helps protect property from trespassers and animals. It is made up of two parallel rows of posts, with a space between them. The fence can be any height, but it should be at least 6 feet high to keep people out.


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