The story tells how I saved myself and my family from severe troubles by bringing the TV to our rescue.

We were just a few hours from home in two states, and we were not even aware of what was to come. It was just as scary like many horror films: we were driving on dark roads, with dense bushes everywhere and in a forest, and were just hours away from home. Following a minor incident, our trip turned into an extended delay. When we realized that the truck didn't have the necessary tire lift jacks that were needed to repair the tire. It's possible that someone took it, or misplaced it.

After 3 hours of tire changing we arrived at the end of the road and it started to snow. eerie silence filled the surrounding area. The avalanche was what caused the snow to swell. The snow fell in a huge heap right on the road. The main goal was to not get pinned in the trees, which were partially blown out of the ground and floated in the direction of our. Luckily navigation was not totally lost and we were capable of pushing through the snow. We realized that we'd been stuck there until the dawn.

I knew the direction I was taking and I had three Ipads loaded with HULU/Netflix's pre-downloaded shows. Online video downloader websites allow me to download a variety of episodes of shows that I've viewed on Youtube and Daily Motion. These are not available on streaming services, and I am unable to locate them. It's very convenient to be capable of downloading full-length videos from such websites and having them accessible on my mobile device in the event of an emergency. I couldn't let this moment pass without filling it with amazing TV shows and the eye candy I brought. If we weren't getting stuck, we'd be watching these shows even after taking the cabin out of storage. Because the cabin has beverages, firewood, and other essentials you can easily watch these shows. Anyone can use the hot tub in the event that they want. Right in the bedroom suite of the cabin.

It may seem a little over the top, but that's the experience we experienced. Even though it was a long haul, we just wanted to be able relax in our bubbles. After another day on the Ipad we watched all programmes that were recorded were watched. I'm a big TV-loving kid. I couldn't live without it. Certain people weren't raised with television, or didn't decide to acquire it until they became adults. I'm not telling you to place your five-month old infant on the couch and watch it grow. I don't say. But I will say that every once in awhile, a couple hours of TV is more beneficial than spending two hours watching the baby.. You'll know what I am talking about..tubidy You get exhausted, and the cache builds up.. It's hard to care for a child by yourself. Don't let it discourage you. It's a noble option. It's possible to have everything you want in moderation. Television shouldn't be the only source of entertainment. But don't allow anyone to tell you that you're not good for your baby. Youtube has hundreds of educational channels that all babies could benefit from. If you don't like it then you're able to always refuse to participate. The first refusal isn't the best option.