Since you can't rely on the internet at the summit of a mountain, I make sure my kids are prepared when we travel w

Yes I did say that.. My children are terrible at thisthat they believe the WiFi on at the top of the mountain is not that good.. Although it is a small hill, it's within the normal range for cell phone service so my children have to walk around in search of better internet. While my wife and me are setting up our small camp site. We intend to stay here for several days. The nearby creek has fresh water. Yes, it is.. My wife can't camp without a good supply of fresh water which is why we have our own most of the times.

As my children keep updating their social media profiles I'm taking in the panorama. It's not very big but it is completely surrounded by higher hills. To be closer to Mother Nature, we visit here only once in a blue Moon. These trips are truly my delight even though I'm not the one who initiates the trips. My wife insists on doing this. Maybe she is aware of how much I enjoy being outdoors in the wild. My kids are very different. Internet is often unavailable. The stream can be interrupted by something in the cloud or other magnetic motions for up to one minute before it resumes. This is a real pain for me since I frequently get caught up in the.

After numerous trips without internet and our phones not connecting, we decided that it was the right time to think about a plan. We, that is my wife and I have decided to prepare for the eventuality when our kids will not have internet access for more than 10 minutes. We developed two sources of entertainment we could access at any time the internet isn't available on our camping trips. The first was a tablet loaded with music videos and the top songs. Our most-loved Youtube mp3 tool helped us extract songs and convert them to MP3 files before downloading onto the tablet. It also works with playlists, which makes it speedy, even though the music was terrible. If one is being down or bored one could play music, watch videos or the best part is that they can listen to sound through blue tooth-connected headphones. What do you think? There is no sound from this item..

The second tablet was mostly animated TV shows, cartoons and movies that we had downloaded from Hulu as well as Netflix. The apps also have offline storage so you can stream them later. The quality isn't the greatest but it's something. We have a few seasons of Breaking Bad there, and numerous cartoons like Family Guy and Disenchantment. It was very entertaining and user-friendly. You just need to install the app, enable downloading for offline viewing, download episodes and mark them as ready for download. The application will take care of everything. Tablet 2 arrived a few trips after tablet 1. It was there when we finally reached The Wild. My kids could not stop watching the shows. A few DIY videos were added by me, such as setting up a tent and the skinning of fresh-caught fish. Things you would never do in the city. The videos were downloaded from Youtube and converted to MP4 then downloaded to my tablet. It's much easier to have video on your tablet when you're at work and don't want to wait for videos to stream.

These 2 tricks have kept our kids engaged on four family camping excursions. Even my kids don't mind going out because they know that their tablet will be with them to help them through boring downtime. They will also bring it home with them when they are ready. I've never felt happier, it's really all I want - being with my loved ones.