In recent years, Global Ministries has been an increasingly prominent part of Christian websites. The organization is a

The Global Ministries University offers online courses in nondenominational theology. The course topics cover philosophy, science, and theology. Students can expand their knowledge of pastoral care through these online courses. Because these courses are offered at the convenience of the student, they can be completed anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace. The online course content and resources made available are relevant to all denominations. Whether you are a church member or an outsider, you can access the resources that you need to grow spiritually.

The online courses offered by Global Ministries University cover a variety of subjects such as science, logic, and philosophy. Some courses are tailored for ordination and ministerial preparation. The courses can help students broaden their knowledge of the gospel and pastoral care. Because these courses are offered online, you can complete them at your own pace, and at your own pace. The courses are available to all, so there's no excuse not to pursue them.