GEMREGISTRETION.INFO Release new service for free GeM Registration (Government e Marketplace)

"Many Indian companies providing paid services for GeM portal registration but as government strictly mention on gem gov in not to pay any money for GeM registration because its free for everyone to register as a seller on GeM portal "

"For FREE GeM registration you can visit our website :"
The GeM registration process has changed a lot in recent times. Such a change that indeed the deepest and most educated individualities need a hot course to accelerate. Simply put, registering a GeM has come so simple and easy that anyone can take a many simple way and register in the GeM or Government E request.
Here is the document list for GeM seller registration

vPAN as the evidence of individualities identity and address authentication
vCompany Registration, LLP- associated documents, or MSME (Udyog Aadhar)
vGST certificate
vA cancelled cheque
vSeparate address evidence and identity evidence
vBank account details and documents vindicating the same
vTrademark document/certificate
vDocuments indicating the services and products that are offered by the association in question
vAddress evidence of the head of the company
vThe mobile number that's registered with your Aadhar Card
vMSME certificate
vNSIC documentation
vITR (Income Tax Returns)
vDoE order compliance
Above documents are mandatory for GeM Registration process
Forged and fake documents will affect in the rejection of the aspirant from the process, and this is of course, commodity that doesn't want to be.

Now without farther ado, here is a step by step companion to the GeM registration process
Step 1Go to the for Register as GeM resellers. Of course, the first step you need to take after carrying all the necessary attestation, as mentioned before in the procedure, is to visit the GeM gov website. To start the process on the website, you must click on the reseller tab and also log in. Once you've done it, it will show you the terms and conditions please review before you click accept. The coming step in applying for the tender on the GeM portalis to fill in the form.

Step 2Fill up the form with the correct information asked

Once you click on the conditions, you'll be diverted to the GeM enrollment form, which you'll need to fill in the applicable information. Then are some details demanded to fill out the form.

Name of the association that's applying for the GeM portal login
Next, you would have to decide the type of enrollment and need to fill out some introductory information similar as name, PAN number, Date of Birth, Registered and correspondence address, and other affiliated effects.
The mobile number is coming. It would be good if you choose a number that's registered with your Aadhar number, as it would make the whole process significantly easier and straightforward. You would have to corroborate the number by entering the OTP that you'll admit at the same number. Oncegem government e marketplacehave done it, it'll authenticate the number and link it with your account. this same information will be required for GeM portal login as well.
The coming step is you will receive verification email on email address that you want to link to your GeM account and, more specifically, for your GeM login. You would need to authenticate it in the same system as your phone number. After also, choose the asked username and word, and also simply click on the produce account option, and voila, your GeM account enrollment is complete.
Step 3double check the information
Once you done all above process now you have to login on GeM portal and now you can get access ofGeM biding, GeM tender, and GeM direct purchase and indeed the GeM L1 process ( are limited to government officers) features. this will only done if you have verified all the information demanded for the competition in the enrollment process. And while some of these features may vary depending on the type of account and the person/ association creating the GeM login, the attestation remains the same.
Just go to the below allowed list and find out what you need. Once you have everything, you can list products and services on the dashboard.

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