Portacabin, is a small building that a truck can easily move from one place to another. The cabin comprises a strong metal carcass structure that is eco-friendly and resistant to damage.Prefabricated Constructionoccurs within a factory setting before shipment to the desired site. You can use a portacabin for many purposes including temporary accommodations for workers, rural offices, guard shacks, on-site changing rooms, and storage units.

Advantages of a portacabin
A portacabin has plenty of advantages to offer a company. Here are the top three reasons to consider.

Modular or stackable design
If you need to accommodate many workers, you can stack several portacabins to form a compact building. The cabins come in identical shapes and same dimensions, making it practicable to arrange them on top of or beside each other. You can expand your office to give your employees more space and comfort. The portable construction also helps you to better organise your offices, making it straightforward to track your operations and enhance productivity.

Easy assembly
By opting for portacabins, you'll reduce the period of construction of your new offices or accommodation buildings by 30-60%. SinceWC Containerof the construction occurs within a factory, all you need is to prepare the site. When the site is ready, the company will deliver the building, allowing you to save on time or resources you would have needed to undertake a massive construction.

Competitive price
Since portacabins are constructed within a factory setting, you will not only save on labour force, you'll also reduce miscellaneous costs such as damage caused by weather and theft of resources. You will save up to 60% of the costs you would have incurred constructing a traditional building.