How to Fix YouTube Videos Loading But Not Playing?


Nowadays, everyone is using YouTube for their iPhone, Android, or computers. But , some users are reporting an issue where YouTube movies are downloading but aren't being played on their devices. Do you want to know how to solve this problem? Follow the simple steps given below to fix this problem.

Steps to Repair YouTube Videos that are loading but not playing on Mobile

First, you must to verify whether the internet is functioning in a correct manner or not.

* If your internet signal is drained and you're YouTube videos aren't showing then you must restart the Wi-Fi router.

* Select the Power option.

* You have to leave this option in its current state for a couple of seconds.

Again, select"Power option.

* If none of these methods work, try restarting your iPhone as well as Android.

* After some time, then connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Then you can try playing an YouTube video.

* Connect to the different Wi-Fi networks to resolve this problem.

If you're making use of Google's YouTube application, make sure that you are using the YouTube application is up to date with the most recent version.

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Click here to go to the online store.

* If you're using an iPhone to perform this step Click on the App Store.

* If you're using an Android device, select the Google Play Store.

* If you find that the YouTube video doesn't load, but it isn't yet playing, you can use the mobile browser software.

* Mobile browsing software like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

Tips to fix YouTube videos that are loading but not playing on the browser

* To resolve this issue, refresh YouTube in your default browser.

* Select the Reload this page to refresh the page.

If you're making use of Google Chrome, Google Chrome browser, then you'll find this option next towards the home button. You must go through your Wi-Fi connection. Whether you're connected to wireless network or an Ethernet cable.


  • Restart the Wi-Fi router. Try to connect once more.
  • Verify that the Wi-Fi router functions correctly or not.
  • Start restarting the system you're currently using.

* Adjust the quality of your video on YouTube. YouTube website to your preferred browser.

The gear symbol makes the quality of video option invisibly.

* You must modify the HD definition to 360p to see if you've solved this issue.

If you find that your default browser isn't working correctly, then you should you should try closing it.

Then, start your browser once more.

Another option you could use is to clear all cookies and caches from the default browser you use.

* You can use the incognito mode on your default browser to play YouTube videos. YouTube videos.

If this method resolves the issue The problem lies in the browser plugins , or extensions.

* You have to clean them in order to determine the person responsible.

* Log in to your Google account, as there may be a problem in the account. Google account.

If not, you can use another Google account in the event that YouTube videos aren't playing.