Prefabricated Building

Prefabricated building is one of the structures that are produced and used quite a lot in Turkey. Prefabricated buildings are a very practical and advantageous application that allows them to be installed in the desired area very quickly and easily. Especially in emergencies, earthquake, pandemic etc. We may need a large number of prefabricated buildings in situations with high urgency such as Especially in this period when we live in a pandemic period, the use of prefabricated buildings as hospitals may be required in certain areas, as the borders of hospitals are full.
In addition, prefabricated offices, prefabricated buildings where earthquake victims will take shelter after the earthquake can be quickly placed in the desired area at the desired capacity. In prefabricatedWC Container , all materials are prepared in the factory environment, transported to the place where they will be used and assembled. They are ready-made structures. Light steel profiles as the main carrier system, materials resistant to natural conditions on exterior and interior facades, insulation materials with high insulation value are used, and there is no problem during use. Prefabricated building in the production phase is an area with quite a lot of factories in Turkey. Therefore, it can be obtained immediately if needed. Considering the seasonal differences, the production of prefabricated buildings is made by considering the regional climatic conditions, so they are suitable for 4 seasons and you can use them easily.
Prefabricated buildings are the structures that are mostly used as offices in researches on the basis of Turkey. Since the walls of prefabricated buildings are thin, the most common question asked is whether they provide wear as a result of use in the winter season. Insulation materials on exterior walls can be changed according to the season or demand, and the wall thickness can be increased when necessary. If desired, sheathing can also be applied to the exterior, and as a result, it can be used with safer insulation. These structures can be transported to the desired location quickly and reliably by trucks, trucks, ships, trains or cargo planes. If requested by the customer, it can be dismantled and transported to another area easily and safely. Since the disassembly and assembly cost will be 10% material deformation, additional material may be required. It is also easy and possible to make modifications in prefabricated buildings, if desired. Prefabricated structures are produced in a special way considering the 1st degree earthquake zones. Since the building elements are connected to each other with screws and bolts, the collapse of the structure by flexing during an earthquake is prevented.