How to Delete Cash App History in Simple Steps?

User Question: Hi, my name is Mary from Salt Lake City. My concern is about cache app history. Actually, yesterday I sent money to my BF using Square Cash App payment app. The payment was done immediately successfully. Actually, the problem is that my younger sister also sometimes uses my phone to play games. I am afraid that she may login to my Cash App account and know about the transaction. For some personal reason, I want to keep that transaction confidential. So, my question is: How do I clear my cached app history?

How to clear payment on Cash App? Asked James from California. The fact is that so many Cash App users contacted us last week. Most of them were concerned about how to make payments on the Cash App. As you are reading this post, it seems that you have the same concern and question: How to Delete Cash App History? Contact us immediately if you want a quick solution. Otherwise, take a few minutes to read this cache app help post and teach yourself how to delete cache app history.

To be honest, your first question should be how to find and check Cash App past payment history for better understanding of Cash App transaction history. So, let's start with the simple steps to find your Cash App transaction history.

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How to check your transaction history on Cash App?

Like any other money transfer application, Cash App also saves all the activities. When you send and receive money, it is always saved. Your bit coin and stock transactions are also saved in the Cash App payment history section. Even pending and failed transactions are saved which you can access anytime in a few simple taps. Follow these steps to check your Cash App transaction history on Cash App:

·        First of all, you need to open your Cash App mobile application.

·        The second step is to tap on the Activity tab available at the bottom of the home screen.

·        The next screen will show you all your past transaction history on Cash App.

·        Now select any past transaction to find status, date, time and more details about that particular transaction.


How to delete Cash App history?

Can I delete my cache app activities? This could be your next question. If yes then listen carefully what I am going to say. For security reasons, Cash App does not allow users to clear or delete any or all Cash App payments. If you are concerned about the safety and security of your Cash App payment history, I have good news for you. And the good news is that Cache App comes equipped with advanced features of PCI-DSS Level 1 encryption. it means, All your money transfer records are always encoded. This further means that no one can secretly recover your cached app history unless you intentionally share it.

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How to cancel a Cash App transaction that is pending?

Take one thing seriously you can only cancel Cash App payments that are pending or in progress. So, if you have made a payment and it is in pending status, you can cancel it immediately and make a fresh payment. Just in case, if you realize that the pending payment is actually an incorrect or accidental payment, without a second thought, cancel your Cash App transaction before it is too late. Here below is how you can cancel your pending Cash App transaction.

·        To go to Cash App payment history, press the Activity button.

·        From the list of past transactions of your Cash App, select the respective transaction.

·        Now check the status once. If it is showing you Pending, then tap on the three dots icon.

·        After that, tap on Cancel to stop the payment from being successful.

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How to delete a Cash App account?

As you cannot delete cache app history, some of you might be wondering that how to delete cache app account to erase cache app history. Let me make one thing clear. Even if you delete your Cash app account, all your past payment records may be in the Square Cash app. So, now think once more whether you still want to delete your Cash App account or not. If yes then follow these steps to delete your Cash App account.

·        Open Cash app and tap on Profile button.

·        Navigate to the bottom and select Cash Assistance.

·        Now select something else from the drop-down menu.

·        After that choose Account Settings.

·        Finally, select the account you have closed.