3 Reasons to Replace Some of Your Lawn with a Garden

For decades, suburbia has been synonymous with having a nice, green lawn surrounding your home. It’s the standard for most suburban homes, and people work hard to keep their lawns looking beautiful all year round. But if you have a large lawn that occupies most of your property, you should consider replacing at least a portion with a garden or other non-grass landscaping. Keep reading to learn a few reasons why you should make the switch.

Save on Water

Maintaining a green lawn takes a lot of water, and in case you weren’t yet aware, the majority of the country has been experiencing drought conditions for years. This year, Texas has seen record-high temperatures and record-low rainfalls, resulting in tightening water restrictions throughout the summer. This makes it nearly impossible to have that green lawn without breaking those water restrictions.

Instead of stressing about your lawn turning yellow, you can pull out a portion of it and replace it with plants. Of course, drought-resistant plants will save you the most on water. But even if you opt for a standard vegetable garden to supplement your family’s produce, this will still use significantly less water than trying to keep that amount of grass green throughout the summer.

Save the Bees

Bee populations have been in danger for some time, and in some states, they’re actually classified as endangered. Having sources of pollen in your yard is one of the best ways you can help protect bee populations in your area—but grass doesn’t do that. By pulling up your pollen-less lawn and putting in flowering plants, you’ll be giving the bees a food source, and as an added bonus, you’ll also attract beautiful butterflies to your yard.

Increase Curb Appeal

As much as people like seeing green lawns around suburban homes, it doesn’t add much curb appeal on its own. A smaller lawn, complemented by beautiful landscaping, increases curb appeal and improves your home’s value. This is important if you intend to sell your home, but it can also just give you more pride in your home’s appearance by giving your home one of the most beautiful yards on the block.

If you’re ready to take out some of that grass and replace it with more varied landscaping, contact a landscaping company in Katy, TX, to help design and implement your new yard layout.