What are the Latest Testing Trends and Techniques? Learn in a Software Testing Course

A Software Testing Course is not only the one source telling aspiring professionals that there is continuous evolution. One sees that IoT devices are prevalent in these evolving times. Moreover, the number of connected smart devices is anticipated to reach a total of 20.8 billion. In addition to that, there is a swift growth in the IT sector which leads to the exponential growth of the IoT market.  Learn more about the latest trends in the IoT and IT sector during your Software Testing Course.

Why do customers insist on the quality of the products? Explained in a Software Testing Course

One doesn’t need trainers in a Software Testing Course to tell them why end-users as well as customers insist on quality of the products. Since, quality is at the front of all software products, end users give utmost importance to it. Moreover, they anticipate high-speed releases without any compromise on their products. However, these quick releases bring challenges to QA teams. That’s when a Software Testing Course tells them about the latest testing trends and techniques.

What are the testing trends and techniques: explained in a Software Testing Course

One learns about the testing trends and techniques extensively in a Software Testing Course. They are:

1.     Shift to CI/CD Approach

A Software Testing Course would talk about the shift of Organizations to DevOps practices. They follow the continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) approach. Moreover, it implies that QA teams deliver small chunks of software in fast iterations.


2.     Inclusion of automation Testing

A Software Testing Course would tell one that that QA teams include more test automation to confirm better test coverage alongside sticking to the strict release deadlines.

3.     Use of ML AI Testing Tools

   A Software Testing Course would tell one that AI-powered Software Testing tools can be used and applied to Log Analytics, Traceability, Test Suite Optimization, Predictive Analysis and Defect Analysis.

To conclude, one can be introduced to the latest testing tools and techniques in a Software Testing Course.