Stake SOL with the Phantom Wallet after you sign up

Blockchain networks were initiated with Bitcoin but later were launched in different varieties. As soon as the concept of multiple blockchains kicked in, each network began to introduce its own crypto or let’s say the in-house token. Likewise, the Solana blockchain launched its in-house token, which is now renowned as the “SOL” token.

Here, we’ll be telling you about the Phantom Wallet service that has been gaining a lot of interest from crypto traders all over the world and allows crypto storage along with an exclusive space to offer SOL staking. Go on and learn about acquiring the service, logging into the account and staking the tokens.

Get the extension added to your browser plugins’ list

You need to know that the wallet service that we’ll be discussing here is in fact, an extension that needs to be added to your browser toolbar. And when it comes to the browser compatibility, there are four browser varieties that, we have picked up to be compatible with the Phantom Wallet- the Chrome browser, the Brave browser, the Firefox browser and the Edge browser. Now, let us guide you through the steps of extension installation:

  1. Go on to launch any of the preferred browsers we mentioned above.
  2. Now, navigate the browser to take you to the Phantom website.
  3. On reaching the website, make sure you aim to hit the “Download” key.
  4. Now, we’d direct you to place a tap on the “Add to Browser” button.
  5. Keep up with the website prompts and complete the process.

You need to know the explicit steps for registration

Here, this part of the read has been carefully crafted to help you with the steps of registration, once you’ve completed going through the Phantom Wallet installation:

  1. Make sure the installation is complete and launch the extension.
  2. Move on to select the option that reads “Create New Wallet”.
  3. Head toward storing and safeguarding the Secret Recovery Mnemonic.
  4. Complete the password setup and create a Keyboard shortcut.
  5. Keep up with any additional prompt that comes up and use the extension.

One of the services that your Phantom Wallet account would cater to is “SOL Staking” as it brings back exciting offers and rewards. We thought you should know the staking steps in order to use the accounts efficiently:

  1. Get into the wallet extension and proceed to submit the credentials.
  2. Go to the Solana balance that your wallet account holds.
  3. Now, please move to choose the link for “Start Earning SOL”.
  4. Proceed with providing the staking amount and the chosen validator.
  5. Review and confirm each of your choices to hit the link that says “Stake”.


The short and yet detailed read above has been equipped with details that are directed to provide you with an exclusive experience of the Phantom Wallet or let’s say the Solana Wallet (since it operates and functions on the Solana blockchain). Reading through the above data, you have learned the steps to install the wallet extension, the steps to register for an account on the wallet platform and then, we’ve cited the steps to stake SOL via your wallet accounts.