Minecraft Servers 2022

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What exactly are Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft Servers are an excellent opportunity to meet new people and forge new friendships. A Minecraft Server is a platform that lets people play the game of Minecraft by playing with other players from all over the world. Minecraft Servers are hosted by individuals or companies. This is a great way to enjoy Minecraft! Learn more at Wikipedia.com

What is what is Minecraft Server List?

A Minecraft Server List is a website that lists lots of Minecraft servers for players to pick from. On the Minecraft Server List, you will find a huge selection of servers which are categorized according to their gamemodes. To start, find an online Minecraft server list, such as this website, and then click a gamemode and browse through the servers. If you find one that you like, click it and the copy the ip to join the Minecraft server!

How to play Minecraft Servers?

For how to join to a Minecraft server, you have to go to the Minecraft Server List website like ours and find the server you want to play on. We have many servers available right here! We have reviewed a number of servers and game modes. Once you've found an appropriate server you like, click "Copy IP" then open Minecraft: Java Edition. Click on "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server" in Minecraft. Copy the IP address that you copied into the IP Address field. For the port, enter "25565". Click on the server to load it.

#1 - Complex Gaming

IP Address: sm.mc-complex.com

Complex Gaming's Server Description

Welcome to Complex-Gaming! We have a broad selection of servers ranging from Pixelmon, Skyblock, Survival, Factions, Creative, Prison and more! Please read below for more information.

Pixelmon Reforged: (Latest Version : Adds over 85 Pokemon to Minecraft) This version of Pixelmon runs on Minecraft 1.12.2, to join our pixelmon servers please use our modpack that we have created, or install it manually using forge.

Vanilla Servers: We host a wide variety of Vanilla Servers (Factions,Survival,Prison,Creative,Skyblock) on the latest version of minecraft! You can login to these servers using any version starting from 1.12.2 to the latest version [1.18]. Our servers are loaded with content that is custom-designed to keep you entertained for hours, and are hosted with ZERO lag. Come join us today!

Website: https://www.mc-complex.com/ Pixelmon Discord: discord.gg/ComplexPixel Vanilla Discord: discord.gg/ComplexVanilla

#2 - MCHub

IP Address: sm.mchub.com

Description of the MCHub Server:

MCHub is the first Prison and Skyblock Survival Server with version 1.16 that supports all Bedrock Devices and Java. Our server offers many unique features for all three gamemodes including backpacks and Backpack Enchantmentsas well as and Enchantment Gemstones, Private Mines, Cities Robots, Gangs, Casinos, Lucky Crates, Daily Weekly and Monthly Giveaways and much much more! For the best experience we suggest that players to join 1.17. If you don't like 1.17 we also support several of the earlier versions of Minecraft too.

#3 - PikaNetwork

IP Address: smb.pika.host

Description of the PikaNetwork Server:

PikaNetwork is an Cracked Minecraft server! Open to both Regular and Cracked players. Our server's player base is increasing every day since the moment it was first launched, with players from all over the globe playing our amazing gamemodes and enjoying their time with our beloved community. Are you excited to play? Join play.pika-network.net now!

We provide an Bedwars server, Skywars and Factions, OP Prisons, as well as Custom Skyblock, KitPvP, and many other features!

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Minigames servers are a great source of content for players of all ages to play on the same network. Players join these servers in a hub and then select the specific minigame they would like to play. Some gamemodes include building, pvping and mining.

We aim to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for our players with our lag-free servers

#4 - NationsGlory

IP Address: nationsglory.com

NationsGlory's Server Description:

NationsGlory is the first Earth server in the world , since 2013. The world is a re-creation of Earth You can join or create a real-life country and develop it into an empire !

Explore exclusive content: Military Arsenal, Missiles, Space rockets, machines... - Energy agricultural vehicles More planets - 2000+ new blocks and entities

NationsGlory is available as an JAVA or Bedrock Edition

Join a community of more than 400 000 players since 2013!

Website: https://nationsglory.com/from/sl1 Discord: https://discord.gg/jUZXgrrqz9

#5 - EarthMC

IP Address: sm.earthmc.net

This server has been highly rated 5.0 by a large number of players.

Description of the Server at EarthMC:

EarthMC is the oldest and most well-known Minecraft server. You can build a city, create an entire nation, and then conquer the world!