Clean Minecraft Server File

I have downloaded the java version as an alternative of simply the exe. file as I've seen others with the same problem try to repair the problem this fashion. I am certain that the exports and imports for the IP deal with connections and have entered the 25565, and listed each TCP and UDP or whatever. I take advantage of the CT-5374 which is a Comtrend router. But the Minecraft server file; the stats, log and chat, and players all present up clean. However it doesn't checklist it as a "java" or ".jar" or whatever after the file title. I'm unsure what the problem is apart from it is having to deal with the blankness but I'm uninterested in operating into all of those problems.Minecraft servers 've been troubleshooting for practically three straight hours and nonetheless can not appear to fairly repair it. I can be a part of onto my multiplayer server, but my associates can not, and I am uncertain of what to do now.