Time and volume of task completion

Time and volume of task completion
Required length of the essay in the exam - 200-250 words (every word counts, including articles and prepositions). This does not mean that if you write 199 or 255 words, you will be executed immediately. What is certain is that 10% margins are attached to the specified volume on both sides, i.e., in fact, the frames are 180-275 words.

If you write less than 180 words, your essay will not be reviewed and you will receive 0 points. If you write more than 275, then the expert will delete the first 250 words and check only those... Anything left over will not be checked and will not be taken into account, which will inevitably lead to a loss of points in content and organisation. The optimal approach is to forget the extra fields during training and learn to fit in 200-250... If you're missing words in the exam out of excitement, fields will save you. And if you rely on them in advance, then the risk of missing the limit increases.

The task is given about an hour... You can get more if you get through the first half of the written part (letter to a friend) and the rest of the exam quickly, but I recommend you prepare to fit in an hour. That's enough time to draft an outline and plan, and then rewrite the clean work.

So, to get full marks for an essay on the exam, you need to write a meaningful, well-organised piece of work with minimal errors in an hour. Let's try to do this using the free essay writers 2022 demonstration assignment.

This criterion carries less weight than the others - maximum 2 marks. To get these marks, you must spell words correctly and place punctuation correctly.

The main thing to remember in terms of punctuation is the comma separation of introductory words. Well, full stops at the end of sentences, of course, must be present. The rest, as a rule, is not so critical and usually does not cause problems.

You can read in detail the descriptions of each of the five criteria (what exactly 3 points are awarded for, how many errors are allowed, etc.) in any demo version on the FIPI website.