H19-311-ENU HCSA-Presales-Digital Power v1.0 Exam Dumps

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H19-311-ENU HCSA-Presales-Digital Power v1.0 Exam Dumps

H19-311 HCSA-Presales-Digital Power v1.0 

Holding an HCSA-Presales-Digital Power certification, you will be able to demonstrate an essential understanding of Huawei Digital Power (mainly data center facility and site power facility)  products and industry applications, and you can make daily communications with customers on Huawei Digital Power topics.
With HCSA-Presales-Digital Power certification (Exam Code: H19-311), you will obtain the technical specifications, features, advantages, application scenarios, and operation guides of "UPS2000 series, UPS5000 series, SmartLi UPS, FusionDC1000A, FusionModule500, FusionModule800,FusionModule2000, 5G Power, MagicPower, CloodLi, iSuperSite, iHybridPower " products, and have a deep understanding of Huawei Digital Power (mainly data center energy and site energy), be able to sell the Huawei data center facility solutions, and site power facility solutions, be able to correctly understand customer requirements in the field.

HCSA-Presales-Digital Power V1.0 Exam Information

Exam Code: H19-311
Exam Type: Written examination
Exam Format: Single-answer Question, Multiple-answer Question, True or false
Time: 90min
Passing Score/Total Score: 600/1000
Exam Cost: 100USD
Language: English,Japanese

HCSA-Presales-Digital Power V1.0 Exam Content

1. UPS2000SmartLi UPS   20%
2. FusionModule2000    12%
3. FusionModule500800    12%
4. Smart Cooling Solution    12%
5. FusionDC1000A    5%
6. Solution configuration Quotation    5%
7. 5G Power    5%
8. MagicPowerCloudLi    5%
9. iSuperSite    12%
10. iHybridPower    12%

Share HCSA-Presales-Digital Power H19-311-ENU Sample Questions

Which of the following are indoor products of Huawei data center solutions?
Answer: B, C, D
Which are optional in the typical configuration of FusionModule500?
A.pad, SMS alarm, video, mobile APP, switch
B.pad, SMS alarm, video, water immersion, smoke detector
C.pad, SMS alarm, mobile APP, flooding, door sensor
Answer: B
What is the size of the screen of the air conditioner of Fusionmodule2000? 
A.5 inches
B.7 inches
C.9 inches
D.10 inches
Answer: B
Which are standard configuration in the typical configuration of FusionModule500? 
A.Water immersion, smoke, temperature and humidity, door sensor
B.Water immersion, smoke, temperature and humidity, mobile phone APP
C.Water immersion, smoke, SMS alarm, video
Answer: A
What sensor does Fusionmodule2000 use to detect whether the air conditioner is leaking?
A.Multifunctional sensor
B.Temperature sensor
C.Water Immersion Sensor
D.Infrared sensor
Answer: C
The output terminal type of UPS2000-G-6K is ( ).
A.Terminal block
C.Terminal block+C13
D.Terminal block + GB socket
Answer: C
What method does the FusionModule800 power input support? (
B.Single or Dual
Answer: B
The advantage of Fusionmodule2000 is ( ).
A.Rapid Deployment
B.Flexible expansion
C.High reliability
Answer: A, B, C
What are the fire-fighting linkage functions of FusionModule2000? 
A.Channel light on
B.The access door is magnetically opened
C.Air conditioner off
D.Sunroof Flip
E.UPS is powered off
Answer: A, B, C, D