How is Ear Prosthesis Helpful for Post Burn Deformity

The ears are one of the major sensory organs that serve more than to aid in hearing. An ear loss can be a cause of great distress among people as it is one organ that is immediately visible to others, which is where the need for ear prosthesis originates. The loss of an external ear can be due to accidental trauma, or congenital or malignant disease. However, today we are dealing with ear loss due to accidental trauma, specifically postburn deformity.

In such cases, the hearing is not usually compromised; however, the outer ear can be severely damaged. Since reconstructing the ear using tissue from other areas is not always possible, it gave rise to the world of artificial ear prosthesis and ear implants.


What are Ear Implants?

An ear implant is the safest way to boost your self-confidence. An artificial ear made from different materials like acrylic, plastic, or silicone is called an ear implant. It can imitate life-like features and is almost indifferent to the untrained eye. There are two ways to go about it:


        The ear implant is sculpted to resemble the other ear closely.


        The ear implant is molded from a donor's ear, either the same person's other ear or a close family member's ear that resembles the victim's ear.



The Advantages of ear prosthesis

One of the most significant benefits of getting an artificial ear implant is that it can look like a natural ear. Most people won't even notice that it is an ear made out of silicone. This option is safer than any other procedure as it is a non-surgical method to restore an ear, making it the best choice for cases with post-burn deformity. Since they are made of silicone, these ears are easily removable and can be cleaned and maintained.


Disadvantages of an ear implant

Though there are not many, a significant disadvantage is that natural human skin changes its color throughout the year, making it very difficult to color-match the ear at the seams. It also requires regular maintenance as repeated removal can damage it. The ear must be removed before participating in sports or even while sleeping.


The Takeaway

The choice between surgical reconstruction and ear prosthesis can be difficult. However, every case is different, and surgical reconstruction is better for congenital ear loss. Getting an ear implant is the best course of action for cases dealing with post-burn deformities.