Advantages of building with construction companies’ vs self-construction

Every construction project requires calculated planning and correct supervision to guarantee the quality, resistance, efficiency and comfort of the building.

Whether a large-scale construction or a self-construction project is carried out in your home, each one requires certain elements necessary to make them a reality, in addition to having specialized distributors.

Here we present the advantages that both self-construction and working with construction companies bring and decide which is better for you:

Benefits of self-construction

Although the construction of a home is not a simple job, it has been one of the most common activities for those who want to remodel or build a home for their own use.

Carrying out a project through self-construction offers certain benefits where the individual needs of each client are part of the design and structuring of the building, providing unique characteristics. Likewise, if we compare it with the projects carried out by a construction company, self-construction projects are smaller in size and investment, therefore, it means having a smaller team of specialists who help you at each stage of the work.

Taking these specifications into account, in this section we name some of the benefits that can be obtained when deciding to carry out a building through the self-construction process.

Taking these specifications into account, in this section we name some of the benefits that can be obtained when deciding to carry out a building through the self-construction process.

·        Possibility of making all the modifications you want: this allows you to establish design priorities. It also allows exploiting all the possibilities and creating a building that meets the requirements for which it was built.

·        It allows construction to be carried out in stages: if there is not the necessary liquidity to finish the work in a certain time or to organize the time based on the needs of the project.

·        Choose finishes and materials: when a building is executed through self-construction, we can decide the type of finishes and the quality of the materials, allowing us to choose the best style according to taste, focusing more carefully on the details of the construction.

·        Construction value: projects executed by self-construction acquire much more value than what it costs to build them, since they are structured as unique designs that meet the specific needs of each client.

·        Cost control: self-construction allows you to be much more aware of costs throughout the development of the construction process and if it is well executed, it will return more added value for the money invested.

Benefits of hiring construction companies

When we talk about self-construction and counteract it with projects carried out by a construction company, the first thing to note is that they are two totally different markets. As we mentioned before, in the first one, the construction dimensions, space and size of the project are smaller than those of a project that a construction company would take on. Construction companies take on multi- level building projects such as hospitals, hotels, or departmental or housing buildings on a large scale with the construction of entire neighborhoods or subdivisions.

Likewise, there is a great difference in the investment of a self-construction that is minimal when compared to that of a large-scale construction project.

Now taking that into account, there are different benefits of hiring a construction company. It has to do not only with the site where the building will be executed, but also with the professional completion of the construction project.

These benefits are also related to the way of managing the project, the experience, quality and safety that a construction company can offer.

For this reason, we will list other benefits that can be obtained when you have the budget and the ideal construction project to carry out with a construction company:

·        Professional support: the fact of choosing a construction company is that the project has a larger team of professional support. That is, with specialized personnel in various areas of construction for the efficient development of the work.

·        While in a self-construction project it is the architect who assumes all the weight of the project. Through a construction company, the multidiverse trained team together speed up and provide quality to the work. This peculiarity grants an endorsement at each stage of the project, as well as after it has been executed, regardless of the type of work to which they are focused.

·        Guarantee: Hiring a construction company guarantees that the project will be carried out on schedule and without extra cost, thanks to the fact that they have optimal logistics that allow them to efficiently manage any unforeseen event that may arise.

·        B2B experience: in this sense, the construction company manages to anticipate the needs of the project by providing the best solutions with an adequate level of commitment throughout the process.

·        Budget previously measured by professionals: unlike doing self-construction work, working with an expert in the area will guarantee that your project starts, taking a budget as a base, which will be respected to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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