-- I was in a camp of the enemy and I didn't have internet access to my presentation, or how I resolved the situati

This was my personal greatest and most embarrassing mistake during an official trip. We were headed to the south to meet one of the most powerful oil tycoons of the Middle Eastern.youtube mp3 converter juice Because I was the most involved in the process, there were a variety of aspects that had to be completed prior to the presentation. I was given one. This was my opportunity to prove to my manager that I'm up for the big leagues and play with the top girls. Although I know it might sound offensive, no, I meant adult girls, or better put - business women.

It was great. I was told that the part was my and that it would be at the underground bunker. This is because I was the one who managed the security of the panic room of an insanely wealthy local businessman. Because I dont wish to reveal any names or make it clear who I am, I will not mention names or tituls. The demonstration's purpose was to imitate a real life sequence of events which would have led this businessman to retreat into his emergency room, accompanied by close family members and a few army of security. In the beginning, I wanted to show the presentation, explain how to deal with these situations of force and to be able to keep a calm mind.

We have all gone underground and into the dark space. The room was dark to conceal the armaments that were concealed inside the walls. It was quite a frightening situation. But lets just get thru this. I am beginning to set up the powerpoint component of the presentation. It is not permitted to use the Internet? There's no Internet here? Are you kidding me? There is no way to be kidding. Lockdown has already begun and there's no way to get access to the email in which the presentation is located. This is not the first time I've done this. Last night I visited online Youtube to mp3 converter and besides copying audio off the presentation video to focus more on learning my speech rather than reading it off the paper, I have also downloaded the video mp4 version of the presentation. This was a mistake, as I was looking for a more professional audio format. But, as of now, I have the video right here on my laptop and ready to use.

I was fortunate. Inexplicably, I was prevented from accessing the Internet. I was able to save the presentation and then re-record it with video and audio. I'd memorized the bulk of the material. The speech was just 3 minutes long and portrayed confidence. It resulted in 47 new customers, some of which are higher-end that have signed contracts in the hundreds of thousands. We look forward to working with them for the future.