Because you cannot depend on WiFi at the top of a mountain, I make sure my kids are ready when we travel with them.

Yes, that was it.. My kids believe that the WiFi in the mountains is weak. It's a small hill however, it's over the typical wireless network, so my children need to explore the area to find the best spot to get better internet speed as me and my wife are setting up a tiny campsite. This area is perfect for us to stay for some time. There's a stream close by that supplies fresh water, even though there's no water available. Yes.. My wife can't camp without water. So we always bring our own.

So my kids are back on their social media profiles, and I'm enjoying the panorama.. This hill is not so large. It's surrounded and dominated by many more. We go to this hill every occasionally to get closer to mother earth. These trips are my favorite, and I'm the only person who really enjoys them. My wife is the sole one to insist of doing this, maybe partially because she knows the pleasure I get from being in the wild. My children are quite different. I hate that the Internet sometimes becomes unavailable. The stream can be disrupted by something in the cloud or other magnetic movement for up to a minute before it resumes. This can be very annoying for me as I often find myself hearing everything.

After two trips in which there was no WiFi and regular internet on our phones would go between being in and out of service We decided to plan for the worst. We, i.e. my wife and me, prepared for the eventuality that our children don't be able to access the internet for more than 10 minutes. We came up with two entertainment sources that we could access when the internet isn't working during our camping konwerter mp4 The tablet was loaded with music videos and the most popular songs on it. Our favorite Youtube mp3 tool helped us extract songs and convert them into MP3 files before downloading onto the tablet. It can work with playlists, too, so it was an easy process despite the fact that it's quite long. For those who were experiencing boredom or sadness, it was possible to listen to music, see videos, and - luckily for us all! - hear the sound through headphones that have blue tooth. Are you thinking that's awesome? It's quiet from that gadget..

The second tablet had a lot of cartoons as well as TV shows that were downloaded through Hulu, Netflix and other applications. This gives offline storage that allows for saving the videos for later viewing. While the quality isnt the highest, it's adequate enough to include numerous seasons and cartoons including Family Guy, Disenchantment, and Breaking Bad. Very entertaining. It was also simple to download. Install the app and then enable downloads to watch offline, download episodes, and mark them for download. Tablet 2 was brought in either one or 2 times after tablet 1. However, when it finally did join us in The Wild, there was no stopping my kids from using it and watching TV shows. I did a couple of DIY videos, like making the tent ready for fresh fish, and skinning them. You won't have these options in the city. These videos were copied from Youtube and converted to MP4 before being downloaded onto my tablet. It's more convenient to have video on your tablet all the time.

These 2 tricks have kept my kids entertained throughout the four family camping excursions. Even though they don't like getting out anymore, they know that tablet 2 will keep them busy when they are bored. And they'll return it once they're finished. I've never felt happier. It's truly all I'm looking for, being close to my loved ones.